Tales of the Urban Explorer: Greenbank Synagogue

in Urban Exploration3 months ago (edited)

“We can try, but I don’t know whether you can manage this, it's kind of tricky and a second-storey climb". @anidiotexplores had recently explored “Greenbank Synagogue” and so was well aware of what was needed to get inside.


I have since discovered security used to guard “Greenbank Synagogue” and take bribes for access. The fee is noted further down, but you know inflation is rampant in the UK and these 'prices' could change subject to your sex and breast size, assuming the guards are blokes.


The guards are now back and I hear once again resuming their shady side business. Could it be they were taking a week off in Benidorm during our visit using their gains to go on a cheap shagging holiday?

Greenbank Synagogue is a Grade II listed building and former synagogue in the Sefton Park area of Liverpool, England.

Constructed for the local Jewish congregation in 1937, the building has been described as the most important 20th-century synagogue in England in terms of architecture, as well as the finest surviving architectural example of a synagogue from the interwar period.


It also closed its doors in 2008 and despite that being 'long ago', I was in for a surprise when discovering its inner condition.


In 2019 an explorer almost fell to his death, his mates cheerfully did a YouTube session while he was struggling for his life.


It was a busy day and we had to get past these gates. Hallelujah to the Star of David. If he hadn’t been part of these gates, it would have been a lot more difficult to scramble over.


…’my foot just about managed to get in between those delicate sections on an otherwise vertical barred and tough to scale gate’…

"That's the easy part mate, follow me..."

I duly did just that, to the rear of “Greenbank Synagogue” and let out a large resounding sigh.

“You got up there, and through that titchy window?”

I gazed in astonishment at him, his climbing skills were increasing by the week.

“It’s easier than it looks…”

I will say sometimes you need a third eye to weigh up the situation.


It was 14 feet up, and getting up there was not so much the issue but my lack of flexibility in getting a stiff leg through that small upper window.

“Grab it and pull” I yelled at @anidiotexplores feeling myself slipping a little. He grabbed and twisted my leg just inside the metal-framed window edged with a little broken glass.

Alone, I think I would have struggled. You have to help out your comrades at times.

It would have been easier to bribe a guard and have a chat about cheap beer, dodgy pizza, the Costa Blanca, and British slappers for sure.

“Fucking hell man, well done.., that’s the toughest yet by far!”, he congratulated me.

I did feel good and exhilarated. There was of course the small matter of getting back out to think about, but as an explorer, we deal with all that shit... later.


We wasted no time and made our way to the main religious area knowing that this one was not a wreck.

The Jews have no fondness for the Nazi's but I doubt they would deface their own shrine. Fortunately, we spotted little in the way of vandalism.

Most explorers are likely escorted around, so sledgehammers and spray paints are not going to work well here.


The ever watchful Owl, what he was doing is anyone’s guess but he seemed to fit with the surroundings.


The advertisement for ‘Vans’ looked out of place.


The interior of “Greenbank Synagogue” was impressive with some decay but not enough to transform it into something unusable.

We made our way down some stairs and I looked upon what could have been someone’s Patronus. If you are not a Harry Potter then click the link to learn something.


While this would have been quite magical it was just @anidiotexplores ‘lighting up’ and leaving a cloud of toxic fumes hanging around.



It was beginning to look a little derpy below the main floor with the paintwork peeling badly in places.



Other than some slight damage to part of the seating, it was nonetheless still impressive.


A view from the would-be official entrance looking into the main chamber.


The notice-board held little besides a few ‘important numbers’


We descended once again and the condition of "Greenbank Synagogue" took a turn for the worse.


I had to rummage through all this stuff. I wonder if they allow it using the 'Bribed Tour' method?


'Prayers in the House of Mourning', written in Hebrew I assume. You have to read these backward, like the Japanese.


Leaving behind the basement area we climbed back up. It looked semi-respectable for something abandoned well over a decade beforehand.


You could even have a legitimate piss. I try if possible to use the local amenities.


The death dates are alien to me; a true Jew would understand this, I'm sure.




Under the main church area was a very large open area with a raised section. Did they hold rave's down here?



That’s very direct. You will pay for your mistakes!



Lots of wood surrounding, teak if I am not mistaken, and hopefully not that cheap shit purchased at B&Q or MFI.


Not all explorers are escorted, there was a little vandalism.


Some discarded chandeliers and the original stone marker symbolising the opening of “Greenbank Synagogue” were found in an upper room.


Arse padding but not very good for your back; quite typical of church seating.


There’s always a smattering of idiots, maybe the one who almost fell to his death had to make his mark.


Brush off the cobwebs, muck and it could be used again tomorrow.


There was little of this 1961 newspaper left. Selfridges are mentioned, as well as some of the ‘latest fashions’.


I didn’t look through the yearbook, as religion is hardly my thing.


Some strange thumbprints of authenticity were found on the security procedures letter. I kept my distance from them. It could well be stamped in shit for all I know.


Colourful literature from 1998 that only a Jew would understand; if anyone wants to chip in, please do.


A list of speakers and the days they were due to deliver perhaps?

"There's a bloke watching you", jibbed @anidiotexplores who appeared to float out of the window and descend the 14 feet with ease.


Sure enough, an interested neighbour was watching my slow progress at getting out. To be honest it was far easier than entering due to a very helpful chair perched next to the open window.

I found it surprising that we were not accosted by a single member of the public.


I believe the upper window access is now sealed, and the only way in is the 'bribe' method, and only if the guards are in a good mood. Last known pricing was £5, popcorn and beer is extra.


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Great article. Crazy how there are guards there if it was shut down. Are they planning on opening it back up and renovating it? The place didn't look too rundown on the first floor. It was spooky though how things got progressively worse as you descended.

Do you plan on returning during the nighttime? Is that something you do or is it just urban exploration?

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There are plans to convert it into this and that, which tend to get stalled often with red tape. While this is bad for the owners, it gives the likes of me time to explore them before it happens.

I don't do night explores, can't see anything!

Well, yes. You are correct in that you can't see at night. I certainly can't. I see some videos of very intelligent people going into some pretty creepy places at night with nothing but their smartphone light. Others have some pretty solid lighting gear. I was just curious if you did urban exploration at night for the thrill seeking. I should have been clearer on my end, but thanks for the conversation anyway!

That is so crazy how you eyed the vans logo there~~ and we posted at similar time frame. Destiny~ :)

I wonder places like this during the day is pretty cool but during the night it looks like total nightmare fuel to me. have you gone places like this during the night time?????

No.., I never do night trips, can't see anything in the grounds and externals.. forget it!

Your still pretty brave cause you dont do night trips cause you cant see. as for me I will be scared shitless!!~~~ :) Its pretty cool jouneys you do~ Looks like environments for a game~

As a gamer, I often think the same.., some places are devoid of colour and look almost monochrome. You see some surreal stuff that doesn't quite come over when photographed. You have to be there.

wow ~ that just sounds epic. Monochrome vision in a colored world. sounds really magical actually. Have you been doing this for some time?

Since 2019 or so, they are less and less to pick from. I have to travel farther now.

Is it dangerous in any way? Never done such adventure looks like your living the Goonies movie in real life! Awesome.

Don't you mean, written in Hebrew," not Arabic? !BEER

Yeah, you are the third person to correct me., I will change it later.

I did a ctrl-f for "Arabic" to see if it had been mentioned. Maybe the proper comments hadn't loaded? Sorry to be a pest. Not sorry about being pedantic though!

No worries, it's fixed and changed now. On another note, I used to have a proof-reader once but I think he got bored and no longer corrects me anymore. Grammarly works well for the most part.

I bet it's the owl that really guards the interior. The patronus, hehe, I used to love the way that smoke works girl in the sunlight. All in all, an impressive place!

It's a pretty impressive Patronus that one, I shouldn't have mentioned it.. to see the responses!

Haha, I am sure there would have been some!

Wouldn't it more likely be Hebrew than Arabic? I could be wrong. That is a pretty awesome shot with the lingering smoke trail. Nice job. This did seem quite a bit intact except for the lower levels. Might be good having guards keep the arsonists away after all!

Wouldn't it more likely be Hebrew than Arabic?

Yes, @steevc mentioned the same thing. It's not exactly my strong area. the satisfaction doing that one was big, I tell you.

No, I don't suppose it is my strong area either. I only speak English. I'm one of those dumb solo lingual Americans.

Just shared your blog with my girlfriend because she loves this kind of stuff. The place looks awesome!

Thanks, it was quite the ride!

The prayer books would be in Hebrew, not Arabic and the Jewish calendar starts well before ours. I have worked with lots of Israelis and even been to Israel, so I have picked up some knowledge of this stuff. We had a tour of a synagogue in the Netherlands where I learned more. I don't know how many there are in the UK, but it's probably not a huge number, especially outside London. Maybe not enough worshippers to keep this place going.

You are getting adventurous with your climbing. Take care.

The prayer books would be in Hebrew, not Arabic and the Jewish calendar starts well before ours.

Good to know, I don't know much in this area of my knowledge.

You are getting adventurous with your climbing. Take care.

I am, it's those gloves.. made of pure magic.

I'm not religious, but knowing a little about various faiths can help understand people better. I'm not out to upset others as long as they respect that I'm an unbeliever.

to go on a cheap shagging holiday?

Lol probably.

I don't know why, but these kinds of places just give me the absolute heebie geebies. What the fuck was up with that security letter regarding children's services? Sounds super dodgy, I don't blame you for keeping your distance from the shit prints.

I'm glad you got out with no issues, it seems like whoever was watching wasn't named Karen. Still in pretty good condition considering how long it's been standing abandoned.

The locals didn't seem to give a rats arse about us on this occasion, quite different from Margaret Beavens'.., 'the police have been called'... hehe..

Perhaps that is a very good thing, maybe they know of UrbEx and didn't feel the need. I'm surprised though that the place wasn't as gutted as I would have expected considering that nobody really seems to care that much. Either way, it's good that you got out without any incidents and lived to write the tale.

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Wow - what a place, thats a beautiful building, and some of those interior features and fittings are very impressive. What a great explore - would love to see that place !

It makes a change from treading over rubble and avoiding huge holes in the floor!

Your post is really amazing especially your word usage, cracking and raw 😁. The synagogue is indeed a nice building and the architect took their time to have it erected, nice luxury to an extent compared to when it was erected, you did well to explore enough area and gave us good details. Your content is worth reblogging, up-voting and commenting on of which I've done ✅ Thanks for sharing 💕

Nice owl. That thing is a hoot!

I like the puff of magic smoke as well. Cool effect.

That's a really big place. Looks like a lot to explore.

The smoke came out well! I took a few, that was the best.
It was smaller inside than it looks, the big open rooms too up a lot if it.

So cool to see this place. What a climb up… wow, you did it though. Well done.
Rather a lot to see inside.
Great captures @slobberchops 😎

I wasn't going to let it get the better of me, the challenge is real.

I know… some challenges just need to be done 😎

Loved seeing the old building, all the old wood in the church is wonderful. So sad that it is not used anymore. I is always interesting to see what old building look like inside. I enjoy see pictures and videos of people exploring these types of places.

all the old wood in the church is wonderful

They went a little nuts with wood during those times, just before World War II.

That is what makes it fun and interesting.

Great to see this again... your entry 😂😂 I hate to say the door was open when I went 🙈😂

That entry was kind of a personal challenge. I would do better if I practiced some Yoga Asana's or something!

I hate entries like that.. but doesn't seem to stop us does it 🙄😅

I hate entries like that.. but doesn't seem to stop us does it

I used to, but more recently I quite enjoy the climbing. Keeps the fat at bay!

yes I have to agree there.. definitely good for the figure 😜

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Just perfect.. wow :)

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I love exploration themes, however I would be afraid to go because apart from being able to find a crazy person or a ghost, to think that is scary HAHA, excellent shots and thanks for the information!

Really enjoyed your post!

Lovely to see the bimah still in tact :)

What a cool exploration. I could just imagine what the place looked like before it fell into disrepair. I liked the ironwork on the staircases also! Probably looked really cool when it was all polished up. I can't believe there wasn't more graffiti.