Fails of the Urban Explorer: No More Ever

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This will be the last ever publication of ‘Fails of the Urban Explorer’. I mentioned in the previous one, which was likely almost a year ago that these appeared to be cop-out posts and I wasn’t comfortable writing them.


If you check the file dates of these folders you will notice one is very recent. The reason for this was to create FOUR which is what the old format used to be. FOUR fails and what happened.




Let me start with 'Veno' which is the most recent. 'Veno' was a pain in the arse, to be honest. I know it's full of squatters and homeless people (or was) and yet we couldn't find a way in.


The front is deadly overgrown leaving us with no doubts that man has not trodden those paths in years, and the back…, jeez…, it was a case of avoiding the dog shit, or was that human shit? while trying to balance on collapsing piles of other miscellaneous crap and not fall over.


If someone's living there, it’s hardly ease of access in today's world. Climbing up that herras fencing perched the wrong way around and making a jump for the window sill wasn't on our agenda.

@anidiotexplores did check this other route which required some climbing but peering over the top edge, it required daintily treading on thin boards of wood to reach the edge of Veno. Fuck that.


Everyone seems to have managed this ‘average-explore’ beside us, even some little girls who have taken up the ‘new trend’ and ply their wares on the likes of TikTok and other inferior platforms.

We waded past the piles of questionable sourced excrement, last month's pizza, a few piles of stale barf, and exited dejectedly.


Beautiful Blinds

I picked this one from a Leeds newspaper report. 'Arson attack on building renders it unusable'. This generally means we can pull up and either walk in or climb through a window getting ourselves black with soot.


It’s a perk of the hobby, what can I say?



'Beautiful Blinds' indeed was thoroughly scorched and thoroughly sealed. How it had been torched could be anyone's guess, a Molotov cocktail through the window bars?




The owners had spared no expense on the razor wire on the smaller sub-building. A hole had been sledgehammered out but it led to very little on climbing down for a look, unless you like mouldy doorless fridges with no food inside.


The oversized car park was a puzzle and had decided it wanted to change careers and become a graveyard? Some ambition though I can’t criticize its passion, several edged the now unused spaces.


You could bed down, and drink beer for a long time before gaining access to ‘Beautiful Blinds’. A futile task I say. That's dedication for you.


Eccleston Golf Club

As this was from mid-2022, I am struggling with where I got the lead. The course itself and clubhouse have closed, but a fancy hotel remains very much open and next to our target.


As dog walkers pass the building regularly we had no issues getting close and they had no issues seeing us looking suspiciously at this well-boarded-up ex-clubhouse.



Wrong time, wrong place it said. Possibly up those stairs could have been the old way in, now it was filled with that shitty razor-wire and in large amounts.


Close up it reminds me of many small double-edged axes.


I used to play golf so another course closing is saddening. Green fees and membership are expensive and they take a lot of maintenance, and driving those buggies was always fun.



The course now is an overgrown wasteland, and the sights from the adjoining hotel are not quite as picturesque as they used to be.


The latest information is to watch your step, or something foul and pungent could end up on your shoes.


Millstead School

“It’s climbable”, I said to @anidiotexplorers who was gazing through the large green gates. I wasn’t referring to those but the wall to the left. A handy tree made for an easier landing on the far side.



It looked empty and abandoned given the neglect we could see in the pathways and signposts, some of which were only partially viewable.



The state of the windows answered our question, but how long had it been in this state? Security firms tend to be posted to such places and I try and avoid them if possible.


In any case, each window was secured with metal bars leaving me thinking this could well be the last lunatic asylum. They did want people escaping?


There were bright new boards everywhere; the type to send explorers on a downward spiral of doom and suicide. We lingered and continued through the grounds looking for signs of weakness.


What was that noise coming from the ‘Post Graduate Building.’ Was this a hospital or an outlet for University Students? We sauntered around the back to see a gaping hole, smashed boards and noticed the volume had increased in decibels.

“That’s a fucking alarm”, I said to @anidiotexplorers. Had someone just broken in? It looked that way and we were in the wrong place. Legging it back to the entrance point, we sped off and didn’t look back.


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You are far too hard on yourself. Cop out isn't even close to being accurate. The photos are still amazing and you make the post really great. Maybe don't call it "fails", just call it old, interesting, and unusual places. Then you are covered even if you don't get inside!

Agreed :) I certainly enjoy them!


Sometimes these fails get revisited and become a tale. It's happened a few times. I make a point of not taking snaps of them anymore.. it's not like I have a lack of content or anything!

Ah, okay, I get you. I am glad that you are still finding places!

It's getting tougher. We are out this weekend in Liverpool but the line-up isn't that hot yet. Need to dig out a few more.

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Confucius say golf at neglected course will be rough.

Confucius would be right, you would need many balls to get around that course.

Wow dude... your job isn't all that easy then!... I see that sometimes everything is more complicated than usual! (by the way, it always looks complicated)... Ok, but the good thing about all these is that you seem to have a pretty high achievement percentage and that allows you to share with us!... ;) Nice to see by the way those always wonderful photos!... (Note: the link to your website seems to be missing something, because I can't access it)... Greetings and thanks for sharing!

!discovery 37

Ok, but the good thing about all these is that you seem to have a pretty high achievement percentage and that allows you to share with us!

It varies; last time out we attempted 15 and managed 5, that's a very bad day. Generally is's a 50-60% hit rate.

Note: the link to your website seems to be missing something, because I can't access it

The site has gone, I will remove the link.. thanks.

@slobberchops! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @jlinaresp. (3/5)

I have always liked the fails. You always do a bit of story with them so I say NEIN !!

And you do multiple ones at once! It's a bargain I say!

There's got to be a story. If look at the general UX sites, they make me fall asleep. Got to be different I say!

Hear hear! Yours are fun and interactive that way!

you know you love your fails!!!!

Like a bloody hole in the head! Failing Veno was embarrassing.., I was dreading going to that 2/10 explore.

But thank you for 'sharing the love".

Haha even your fails are awesome posts!

I am not sure I am a fan of the human excrement, rickety climbing apparatus or the razor wire but those pics sure look like art.

I had a start when my coffee hadn’t quite sunk in and I thought I read that this would be your last urbex post. Good thing I read a little closer or it might have ruined my day.

4 posts in 1 here and I enjoyed it as much as the successful excursions.

Last fail. I have lots to write up, and Stoke On Trent is the next lot coming soon. We had a good old time down there!

Thanks for the supportive comment.

They should call razor wire 'battleaxe' wire lol.
Just curious. How often do you come across squatters on your explorations?
That golf course though? What a shame.
I used to knock a few balls about too. 🏒👍🏼

Just curious. How often do you come across squatters on your explorations?

With them inside..? just once in Bradford. We chatted and he gave me a tour of 'his' house hehe.., then there was SAW. I made a hasty exit.

My son did an urbex just once and found a squatter. He scared himself so much he never did it again 😂😂👍🏼

That was unlucky and abnormal. Some people solo but it's better as a duo and you have more laughs. The homeless are generally out during the daytime.., I mean, why would you want to spend more time in these shit-holes?

He did make me laugh when he told me what happened. He basically shat himself and bolted out of the building (an abandoned office block) almost crashing into everything on the way out. I almost pmsl. 😂👍🏼

I did a lot of this urbex stuff when I was a kid. Most of east London was bomb damaged from ww2 and it was just normal for us to go climbing around in these bomb sites.

We also collected a variety of bullets that seemed to be everywhere?

We didn't call it urbex though at the time. lol

Not for anything, but this was a really good post. Not every location is going to be accessible. Still, the buildings, the photos, and the writing were fantastic. Whatever you're comfortable with, but I wouldn't call these fails.

Thanks man, I try and pull back my memories of the time. Some were a year ago. I need to catch up with these, but they take time to write.
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One can make a film about entrance to the Beautiful Blinds, there also a saw I see as though it is a clue :)

Fails shmails! Amazing work my dude!

This will be the last ever publication of ‘Fails of the Urban Explorer’

Awww so sad

Many 'Tales', no more 'Fails'.

Nice one🙃

I have found your writing to be a real joy to read. I have found it both interesting and a soulful reflection on urban decline. It offers something quite unique on Hive.

Thanks, I do try.

Wow - Veno is a fantastic looking building. I just love Art Deco architecture - what a shame its gone the way it has. Total waste.

I does have some history and if I ever get in there, will post it and the links.

...'@slobberchops can't believe he failed Veno.., the shame'

Have you ever get caught while exploring abandoned buildings? Because here, some seem abandoned but still have some caretakers.. The last photo doesn't seem abandoned though.

Not while inside, but while exiting and while trying to enter.. yes!

Had someone just broken in? It looked that way and we were in the wrong place. Legging it back to the entrance point, we sped off and didn’t look back.

That was the close! Lucky you hadn't made it in and got to the second floor or something...

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It was a strange one. The back looked freshly busted open, and we could have got in... but with an alarm going and possible security waiting for you to exit.., it looked bad.

Yeah, breaking and entering charges wouldn't have been worth it...


@slobberchops! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (7/10)

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The alarm could have been going for days for all we know. It wasn't worth the risk and we don't break into anywhere.

I know you don't break in, but it seems doubtful that the police would have believed that if they had arrived. They'd just be looking for a suspect?


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In any case, each window was secured with metal bars leaving me thinking this could well be the last lunatic asylum. They did want people escaping?

Heheheheheh this is really something😄

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