Potsdam Pirschheide Hauptbanhof . April 22

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Built in 1958 about a mile and a half out of the town centre, in its day this was a very busy station. Built as an interchange on two levels, the upper station closed in 1999. There is still an electrified main line running through the station ( more on that later), and the lower station is one of those "stop on request jobbies"



There is now nothing remotely like this on site. There is demolition work in progress in and around the site

Set on a windy narrow road, where to park. I had a choice, maybe on the car park of the Wasserschutzpolizei?

I chose the car park of the Eroticats, a gay club and cinema, fuck it, needs must




Alas all the remaining buildings, including this signal box were locked down tight. Bastards.

The Lower station



The live track



The dead track






No way to go down that way


And these were bricked up


These weren't

The Upper station





Slowly being stripped and ripped down


Not going very fast, but shit! It crept up on me and woke me up


Take a wander through the underpass




So much for safety on the railways!

Join me on my next wander. "The darkrooms and glory holes of the Eroticats club and sex cinema", nah forget that it costs 20 euros to get in.


Lmao at the last paragraph 🤣
Cool explore. That's one is a little different than the usual.

🤣👍 @leaky20

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Great tour around these railways and towers you couldn’t enter.
I like the black and white mix with colours @grindle 😎
Have a great weekend 👋🏻

Thanks @littlebee4 , i just thought I would try B/W as the place felt drab and needed a different approach

You are welcome @grindle 👋🏻😊 It works so well in those situations to go with B&W.
Have a great Sunday!

cheers @littlebee4

Cheers @grindle 😎

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Stations that charmed, trains took us everywhere always inspired by rail that worked well.

Demise, destruction graffiti everywhere such a shift from pride taken to keep clean a couple of decades ago.

Walking an underpass today stinks of piss, grit, grime, no longer people bustling into city neatly attired to climb onboard moving on respectable mode of transport....

Yikes must be getting old or youth just don't get romance of railways.


The romance of railways, @joanstewart yes, the heady days of the steam train, god they were awesome beautiful big bits of engineering. The sound and the smells I still recall them now.

Smell of leather, wood, smoke, quietly swaying down the track with clickety-clack down rail tracks. Window open, head out collect a little soot in the eyes, all added to the adventure, sleeping overnight a highlight on many years travel down to the coast.

So bastardized here it's a disgrace, slim pickings if anything is left over here, no longer an exploration, stripped bare by destructive vandals.

happy days!