No 1, Weissenborn. April 22

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

One of the few, slam the anchors on, surprise time capsules I found whilst driving through the German Countryside.




Perusing the village notice board, like I know what I am doing; waiting for a handful of locals to stop gossiping and bugger off somewhere else, patiently waiting for the chance to pounce.




"Brace yaself Mavis' Prepare for a rear entry.




Don't ya just love finding yourself in a basement and hoping there is a way to get you in to the house?


Let there be light, and there was light, and the light was good.

Let's mooch



I'm thinking, yup, this is abandoned.







Quack Quack


Oink Oink


This was a place that was full of quality treasure




Through the curtain to another world


Oh dear god alive, please go put the kettle on, make a brew, open a tinny or pour yourself a large G&T, I have a feeling we may be here awhile. Grab some snacks too.





Have we found Edith ?



Where is the missing wall hanging?







An intellectual? an academic? surely JD and coke is better than JD and morphine?





Alone in the Dark 4 was released in 2001





No visit is complete without a look upstairs






Strange place to find a headstone.











Enough to give you nightmares


When magazines were bought in National currencies, I spotted 1951 on one of them, innocent titles, that would get the woke brigade wringing their hands and wetting their beds.

"At the stranger's first sight"
"Night Nurse Claudia's fall from grace"
"You can't buy happiness"
"When a young Italian caused a riot"


Magzines for those that like fictional romance, the spinsters of the parish, waiting for their full blooded hero to sweep them up in his arms and lay you on a bed of roses, kiss them gently unrobing them........

..... " Get ya kit off you're on next"

Romance is alive and kicking, or am I doing something wrong?


Oh! Hello, the man cave.







I am happy to report that both breweries are still turning out quality lager beers.

So that's it, the first German time capsule of the trip, and thoroughly enjoyed. Cheers!


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That's an interesting one. Lots of cool shit to look at. Cards on the table is a cool photo

cheers @leaky20 yes was a great find, got my juices flowing!

Wow what a find… almost fully intact how they left it.
There are indeed some treasures to be found. Great captures.
Glad you got in and could explore all floors. So much to see everywhere.
The watch/ clock in the hallway is weird, I have seen something like that before…
The old vintage radios are cool, the first one… people collect.
Such a cool find. Thanks for sharing @grindle 😊😎
Happy new week!

cheers @littlebee4 time capsules are the best things ever.

They sure are, still hoping to find my first one @grindle 😉

seek and ye shall find ! lol

On it hahaha 😝
I’m always on the lookout 👀
Happy new month 😎 enjoy your Thursday @grindle

where has the year gone????!!!!

I know… before we know it is is gone 😉🤓
Let’s enjoy it a bit longer 😎

Blimey, the TourBus would make a meal of that, are there no explorers over there at all?

The first few pics - I thought it was going to be another 'Welly House' 😀

LOL @slobberchops , no no wellies in GDR, jackboots!!! I was thinking the exact same thing, UE is not as big in Germany, and those that do it tend to stick to big old stuff I think, and not capture time capsules.

stick to big old stuff I think, and not capture time capsules.

They are missing out on the best.

yup, and that's a fact.

That bill reminded me that US T-Mobile, for which I once worked, is owned by Deutsche Telekom.


The dolls gave me shivers! Cool finds @grindle !

cheers @bloghound dolls are spooky full stop!😂

I know, huh? Gave me goosies a lil bit lol


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You are very welcome @grindle😀

Interesting explore, and not yet destroyed by vandals. A shame to see someone's life left behind and forgotten.

yes, this would soon be trashed if it was in the UK