A school building as a historical treasure of the past

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A building or a place does not have to be our favorite to call it a treasure. This is a fact, therefore the rules of this community can be perceived and considered by all sides and from all points of view. As well as changed over time.






Because I'm not sure that Stalinist architecture is my favorite architectural style, despite its clean classical lines. I don't really know, maybe I like this style because of those clean lines. But I don't like the heavy historical charge that this architectural style carries and has transmitted over the years and decades.



And yet, so far I have shown you many such buildings (unfortunately, not in this community). Because I think the legacy they carry and show, despite their charge, is worth showing.



First of all, the style is really worth showing off. Secondly, as I have noted many times before, the quality of the performance is also worth it - something that is rarely seen and experienced otherwise.



What I am showing you here is a school. (Can you guess this from the architecture?)



I absolutely love the colonnade in front.

Although in such a terrible condition.





See those surreal pictures that could make you forget where you are at all (in front of a school building):





I know what you're thinking right now, but I'm about to disappoint you. This building is not abandoned. It is habitable and usable.
By students and their teachers.





In fact, I was met in the courtyard of the building by two female teachers or janitors who immediately asked me who I was, where I came from and why I was interested in this building.





You will probably say that such caution is justified, given the look of the building and the establishment, but given its condition and the fact that a short time before I had been stopped on the sidewalk by a man who asked me what I was looking for (no, not to help me with finding what I'm looking for, don't be fooled by the supposed hospitality of the local population. In fact, they hardly ever show hospitality.) it wasn't quite justified. At least for me.



(The colonnade was not spared by the scribblers of obscene lines. Again, as I've told you before, I have no intention of censoring my photos. Those who should be ashamed of them are the perpetrators of this act themselves.)





The appearance of the building from its back side - even more wretched than the front.





The colonnade on the other side of the building looks much better.


But let's say something else. This school, a vocational high school, the first chemical school in the country, was built in 1949.
It was built at the time of the construction of the city itself - I have told you many times about this. And the name of this artificially created and built city is Dimitrovgrad.

It was once rich in addition to looking great. In the past it was self-sustaining, (producing ethyl alcohol if memory serves me as to what the two teachers told me about the history).





I assume this must have housed the workshop as this building looks completely derelict.




And I guess this was the company car of the school. Can anyone guess when the last year it was used was?





The two women spoke with great nostalgia of the bygone era - when everything was rich, looked good and functioned well.
In general, such people are very strange to me - this past is full of deprivation and huge restrictions for the mass of people. But otherwise, considering the present condition of the once flourishing school, I am inclined to believe them, that is, try to put myself in their shoes and look through their eyes. To witness such a fall is hard.





These decorations and fountains seem left over from the past.





I wonder why they didn't bother to remove them since they are in such a state (the fountain).

I can think of many answers to this question. And I don't like any of them. But there is hope.
The school has a new building. This revelation was the result of my tour of the grounds.



Of course, that doesn't sit well with me. I want the old, beautiful and historic buildings to be renovated. But apparently I'm the only one with such desires, since this hasn't happened in decades.



And yet, Professional Secondary School of Chemicals and Nourishing Technologies Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov in Dimitrograd (as it is translated into English on Google) is a treasure, a cultural and architectural treasure and I'm glad I came across it (completely by accident, as is usually the case with my treasure finds.)

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It doesn't like a school until you told us that it is. Looking at the sides of the building alone might fool anyone that it is abandoned, however, if you look at the ground, it is well cleaned.

Beautiful photos. 🙂


Well, I can't argue, you are very observant indeed. 😊 I looked at the photos again because I really felt that the true status of the building should be explained, and indeed, although there are fallen and unswept leaves here and there, the floor of the colonnade has actually been swept, suggesting that the status of the building is clear.
Thank you!

I'm just lucky to notice it. 😊

Hello friend @soulsdetour, how beautiful that educational center must have been, it's a shame that now it looks like this, I really like the corridors with rows of columns. It is very hard to see how entire buildings are allowed to deteriorate without doing something to prevent it. I have suffered in my own flesh in my country, where there are important constructions that, if properly maintained, would be preserved much longer and I see how they leave them with great indolence, deteriorating and therefore disfiguring the environment.

Dear @lileisabel, there are things in this world that I personally do not understand and this is one of them - how can such monuments of culture be left like this. It's as if they haven't given the man enough that he doesn't feel the need to repay them properly - simply by replastering and strengthening, at the very least. Ungrateful people! Everything in this world should be treated with respect and gratitude. Including the buildings that give us so much in our daily lives.

Wow. That's (still) a true gem, I'd say. Thanks so much for showing its current beauty and hopefully it won't be left to fully decay...


While making this post I even wondered how they allowed me to take so many pictures (66 to be exact). But when I see a building like that, I try to walk around it and look at it from all sides, take pictures of everything, because... I don't believe that this building will be repaired. Rather, I believe that this building will one day disappear, for some absurd and unexpected reason and way. That's why I'm trying to preserve its memory in this way.

I hope you're wrong and this building gets renovated. Then you'll have a good reason to take new photos of it from all sides :)))
Photography does that, one of the reasons I admire it :)

I sometimes wonder if I only take pictures for that reason - the danger of something disappearing. 😄 If the building is renovated, maybe it won't be so interesting to me. Still, I really hope and want it to be renovated.

It does that, indeed :)
I tend to agree with you - this is exactly like the scars some people have on their faces or other visible parts of their bodies.
Some consider such scars ugly but I find them beautiful, as they make that person really unique! :)


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un lugar historico siempre tiene una magia escondida =)