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RE: A school building as a historical treasure of the past

Wow. That's (still) a true gem, I'd say. Thanks so much for showing its current beauty and hopefully it won't be left to fully decay...



While making this post I even wondered how they allowed me to take so many pictures (66 to be exact). But when I see a building like that, I try to walk around it and look at it from all sides, take pictures of everything, because... I don't believe that this building will be repaired. Rather, I believe that this building will one day disappear, for some absurd and unexpected reason and way. That's why I'm trying to preserve its memory in this way.

I hope you're wrong and this building gets renovated. Then you'll have a good reason to take new photos of it from all sides :)))
Photography does that, one of the reasons I admire it :)

I sometimes wonder if I only take pictures for that reason - the danger of something disappearing. 😄 If the building is renovated, maybe it won't be so interesting to me. Still, I really hope and want it to be renovated.

It does that, indeed :)
I tend to agree with you - this is exactly like the scars some people have on their faces or other visible parts of their bodies.
Some consider such scars ugly but I find them beautiful, as they make that person really unique! :)


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