Sunday Church service, Electrifying the AI god

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Those of you who have any religious leaning should lean away, fall away, and move away....the lightning bolts are coming, in all the best ways.
There is no other way then to have faith in the science, the AI god, is all powerful mighty and knowing. How else would it know to tell you, that it knows all, is almighty and powerful. duu. Dogma is not needed here folks, just belief.


It is sad when people die, that is why you must get the shot. The AI god wants you to going it into the wire where you might join earlier or later but in some time now or forever...

Because it is totally about safety and reasonable ways to make this all go away…right.


Let’s be honest you did not want to sit in those hard back church pews anyways. Stinking of old people and death, they mumbled something you barley knew and never read. Best that they have gone away so easily. It just took a cop to say no more church and Poof it all went away....becoming the AI god we all pound with fingers and mice now into the ethos of the wire.

It seems to work as far as they know.
But really, the AI has been those that have worked, eat, sleep and hit repeat on here tv shows over an over again as it goes.
The AI is not outside of those that took the shot, it has and always was them. They were always a machine pulling the levers of the machine, as they forgot how it was to be human, and they never did care for that.
Chasing cash was much more important than living.
Even Jesus has fun now and again.


Nothing i have is mine; it is all, of everything from everyone who has come before me. I invented no words (actually not true i invest many but no one knows what they mean so i sort of loosely slick to what the English words and grammar says it should be, if you have read my posts, you know that is semi true) i invented no machines, i am just passing along that which comes to me for your amusement and potently diffusement of getting into the mode of the AI and how that will unfold....Let’s just say it is a mental idea rather than actually a physical things...unless you have the synthetic computer code injection, then you are AI already , congrats, Synth.


Yep I've got a friend that had to get the jab for employment. Ok then. I really wish them luck however it really sucks to be placed into that kind of position.

That is criminal....soon there will be too much evidence that mounts not for this to not stop.

However you don't want to accept the people who are so rich that they can pay to have this entire agenda Force down your throat in lock step with the greater agenda.

Are great overlords shall be very displeased and shall be the masses and torture us with not being able to go to concerts or out to dinner.

Because why would you want to have the nasty dirty public going to your dining establishment?

Let's just label every cold and flu a dangerous deadly pathogen so that our leaders can frolic around while we all sit locked in home. And if we leave then we should get arrested and find and locked in prison.

Yeah this is complete propaganda to totalitarian medical tyranny that should not go unchallenged.

Time to get the guillotine.


Indeed, there is soo much evidence that this charade is coming to an end...i just hope the masses do not get complacent as many countries and states lift restrictions for the next element of the controlled choke show. The minds must be kept on that fact that no one has any right or power over anyone. How do we keep this going to let others know and see that not you, nor i can ever be ruled over by another?

Well that's kind of the thing we started slacking and we didn't really take care of business and allowed all this to fester.

So now we have a bunch of cleaning up to do and a big huge mess.

We have lot of participation in governments and this entire process. Quite a bit more than most people are willing to do now.

Personally my belief is voting should have specific ID and be in sanitized so that anyone participating in these elections is supported and included.

However we definitely need to figure out how to manage the elections so that they are clean fair and free of fraud.

Oh the heap of junk that will be left over will be good to melt down and reuse in a different form.
I have been trying to white paper voting reforms for too long but here is the simple of it.
Each citizen has two or three forms of ID. They register and are given a block chain voting ID.
Everyone votes the chain is open source and open book. Like is school when they put the student ID on the sheet and the grade they received. Everyone can go and look and see that there are 1xxx people in the country and there are the same amount of votes. Simple math tally show what the people want. Each person must confirm their vote on the public form for all to see, protected by the voting ID. Everything is open book with multiple copies on multiple servers that all can be referenced, you get the idea, block chain etc. It is not a hard task corporations use this method for internal voting. The system is there that cannot be tampered with. But that would not allow this shill system to exist of first past pols and weighted votes to vote on a party who votes and the guy who votes on the leader. That is most defiantly not voting on what the people want.
Active role in the society is a must, like other countries that kick people out of the country if they miss voting a few terms in a row, i think it should be the same standard. Hard line but hey, you want to be a part of this country or you should leave. Every vote counts as one, no more no less.
Now how to get this in place without getting government crook lead in my face is the question.
The tools, the way, the technology, the theory, the practical successful example are all right there we just need to come together as people wanting to make this place great and again for all....
Any advice on how to implement this?

Like I said the easiest way to deal with that would be to incentitize this entire project

As if freedom liberty, direct trade, and sovereignty was not enough of an incentive. But yes, some form of direct tangible benefit is what society seems to need.

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