GMO Humans on the path to evolutionly diestruction of self.

in MemeHivelast year

Some more GMO humans are rising up and realizing that they have been fooled to what has happened as the death rates skyrocket putting many in precarious places in their health and ways.
But that is okay you saved someone you never knew for the sake of saving yourself.

Hard to tell, but not if you know what to look for, you can see it in their face. At first they are nice and smooth then over times the cancers and arthritis grows and take place of the immunity that was once a magical part of being in the human race. Now it is race to get the sickening dis-ease that is running rampant alongside the human space.


late stage transformations after the next round of shots. Yes these are taken from the game Fallout NV, a long time ago i play that game and now it has more truth to what i am seeing around me.
Perhaps not as physically shocking but mentally this is what i am watching as peoples minds are ground outside of there heads and become brain dead monsters of humans as they act like this is all too true and that they must cyborg everyone who is not....


They said and showed that resistance is futile...but they did not tell you that there is no resistance there is only DO. As these are the ones that all went to the mall and went for the job, the car, the education, the suburban homes, that they are going on about and done and drone as they keep going along with he path of that they are told to do,,,,turn in your neighbor, if you know what is good for you.
The history has been set on repeat for these plebes.. depressed the button glued place.


But i am talking to those that already see the end results, not those that are pressing the full court for fun and deciding how others lives should be lived. That is the different between freedom and slavery, being told verse is your time now to voice that which you want....
go on do not be shy and say it....type it write it …

Time to know that nothing i did was mine and nothing was yours, but take what you want and give what you get for the producing of the best is how this things end, not with a gun shot they tell you to take, but with you given everything and stopping being fake.


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