Emergencies Acts ended - for now, but they still want to protect you....they will keep watching monitoring, just in case...

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Watching CPAC today as they end the emergency orders...
Why is it they say the direct opposite of what they did?
They lie right in front and say the opposite of what is true and obvious to see, then loosely threaten everyone who they do not like...
This is sad...i can only ask....


as I reconfirm my mind...along with sooo mnay others who will not go for any more of this BS.

As the medical studies are coming out all around the world...


And in time if it does cause harm, then perhaps …


but the future looks grand


as long as you get a constant supply of

Now with free government Brandon crack pipes.

because the expert says so...and by expert i mean this Meme...

because those that think they are right are in need of questing there premise, or paying the price


Who are we to stop those that want to live free in chains and muzzles?

They have every right to, and there masters who injected them are telling them to...


It is time to let those that want to keep going down the rabbit hole of government love peace tyranny hatred segregation and disinformation go.
Just remember the good times and let those that want to be taken up by the big government in the sky go.

So fair these well, spend no time with them as they will only give you black zombie stairs from here on in.

The never ending cycle will continue for them.

But it all ends here for us...unless you like bonus memes then keep scrolling.





And this is just a nice image that might make you think of what should be done...


If you have taken anything from this post then you have been paid in full, i have not so feel free to send the products of your mind my way so i can get paid for what i have said, is what you have said in a different way. Let me know, nothing is mine nothing is yours lets prove that to each other and keep this going on.



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