Do you still want more masks and Reach-Around Mandates?

in MemeHivelast year

I went by a protest of people who want more masks and likely more government over reach to reach around mandates....umm i guess they threw away their tv and did not get the news that covAids is over and buried, the mask are done and gone aa it is now the HIV Aids parasites epidemic war natural disaster that is going to take hold...


nope they are still afraid...still walking around with the muzzle on when after being told that it is useless, harmfully and not working and has not for 2.35 years....that is freedom of mind heart and choice for ya i supose.


The stage has been take form those that want to destroy anyone without the same idea as those that want to not sure how that will fair in the days ahead as they have been thrown aside....

Memory lane for LibTARDS...

They love it and they want more of it, for they tasted the blood of the neighbors and they like it as they..


But let us all remember that....

There is no stopping a few dedicated people from shutting this all down and taking back the power that has never left our hands...


IT does not have to come to this....


it really does not...but ill stick to the onus this time....

and then there is


as your money is used for...


and yet the story progresses....


That is what you get for the support that you show the last bit of memes that might not come back until the next bit of the show starts to peel back....oh with nope, there is more in mind and more ready to be explored...take some leave some and have fun as you do there is more to come as long as you share those too.


Top quality content and I support your work.

Keep breeding freedom. Keep exercising your speech and continue to have healthy discussions and learn.

If you do not exercise your rights they will erode until they are gone.

And get involved. It only takes 3% of the population to affect worldwide change. Once you get 3% of your neighborhood it just grows....

Good ideas do not require a force.

Thanks bother. The support is welcomes needed and helpful. Glad you be here and ill keep pounding the drum for all that that want to hear, and come near are we work towards the new system and new order for minds that will enable the realities of breaking out of time.

I really laugh when I see somebody wandering around with a face diaper on. The mask mandates have been lifted however a lot of individuals are still afraid and pretending that putting up a chain link fence is going to keep out mosquitoes.

May we all come to our senses quickly!


!LOL i can not wait till they start telling the plebes to put plastic on their face and use duck tape to secure the bag.....oh the covAids will be getting them that way. ...oh wait they have to do it for Russia or Ukraine or what ever...
Thanks for the laugh and art.

If asbestos is really as bad as it is claimed...
...then I don't want to know how bad asworstos is.

Credit: reddit
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