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RE: Fighting off the age of Misrecognition.

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Happy evening to you !

You make a great point, and it's crucial to remind ourselves sometimes what it means to be human. And what it doesn't.

I have suffered being misunderstood by people many times, it ain't fun at all! Especially when that person is close to you; a member of your family or a dear friend, and really should know better. Or, at least give you the benefit of the doubt.

the problem is that far too many people carry this inhuman world view outside of work

It truly is a deep, deep problem. I find it revulsive meeting someone under the spell of these types of assumptions... they seem to make themselves known very quickly as well. I try to keep away, but I wonder, what makes a person dehumanise others (and their self) like this? Is it deliberate? Accidental? Something that occurs automatically during social conditioning within societies where scarcity and capitalist means of production are dominant? A survival heuristic?

Personally I think it's a minority worldview, in reality. But the people that perpetuate it gain and hold huge social and economic power over time, which tips the scales. Everyone else needs to pretend to an extent in order to work, earn money, feed and house themselves, provide for their families...

I make the connection here that this social platform and others like it appear to offer an alternative. A way to avoid that altogether and be more human... even if it means via the Internet using computers and phones as interface. At least it facilitates the possibility. The conduct really comes down to the individual and what they choose to do. But the option is there. The range of options is wider.

Thanks for your post