Urgent, Please!

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Less than 15 Minutes Ago ...

I hired this Nanny


Can I borrow someone's child for some time?

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I like her waist, unfortunately, it's not real;)
these boobs are a great jumping station for any kid;))

Absolutely! This will even make the ball pit at McDonald's look boring.

Waauu it really looks really big 😂

you can borrow me. whenever you want, I'm ready for you to borrow. indeed at this time I do not have a big sp huh. However, as time goes by, I will continue to add the SP that I have. far from today, I have indeed promised myself to repay your kindness. you are doing a lot of good for me.

This is why I took the bold step of becoming s parent x

I can give you the number of a friend of hers if you want.
It appears she has very good credentials as well.
Two to be precise.

Even better, hehe

Can't we just say that I am your child? I am offered to play that role

Glad you can be of help, my ... euhhh ... son?

I'll raise the stakes. Adopt me!

Kind of a flaw this; expected you here "subscribing" much earlier tbh. :-)

Hahaha Jesus! Did you get her on breastednannies.com? I have a niece you can rent her, 400$ per minute. Cash please?

400 a minute? But that means that I'll have to pay the Nanny in kind.

Provided I get my money in full lol you can pay her even in wickedness 🤣🤣🤣

Pretending to be the kid would be your best bet

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Maybe indeed; you're never too old to have a second childhood, at least that's what they say ...

Did you widen your doors too?

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Widen?? Are you kidding me?
Made them narrower.
Man you should see her struggle to enter.
A feast for the eye.

Isn't this what living is all about ...?


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Wow. . she has very large breasts. But I think it must be very hard to carry.

Yeah, and I have very big hands (to help her carry that burden)

😂😂 😂

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