Concrete Jungle -5minutefreewrite

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Well, let the jungle be concrete!

Huzzah to a Jungle. I need more sleep.

I also need to let go of things that absolutely don't matter.

Like whether I made a terrible mistake in a game.

Silly me, trading a +2 dagger for 3 +1 rapiers.

Very silly me, but c'est la vie.

It's just nice that everyone has one now.

Concrete jungle. Very... I dunno. theatrical. realism. Big swooping freeways.

Freeways are funny. When they interchange in these high up roads

Oh distracted.

Who am I what am I where am I

Where do these thoughts come from

A good day with Lochlan. He and I had a nice long playdate with his friend at the playground, then we came home for lunch, then went to Hollywood forever. Ooo, I can feel from my face that I got a little more sun than is entirely good for me. Not too bad though I don't think

Oh yes and remembering lochlan ask if he'll still get to hear the crickets in his room. There are lots of crickets.

What's funny? Everything.