Half shadows // the process

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1AM and I’m still awake.

I should turn in for bed since I have work in the next couple of hours but I was determined to get this process video up before I hit the sheets. Honestly, I probably could’ve gotten this up sooner but I got a bit sidetracked along the way. I whipped up some fried noodles for @kommienezuspadt, helped @guthrie stay on track with cleaning his room, edited a photo while half watching but mostly listening to the democratic debates. Oh! I also watched a bit of anime after playing some random cat game that I downloaded from the App Store.

As I was editing the process video for my half shadows drawing, I thought about how lucky I am with my current work schedule. I’m working the right amount of hours to keep me occupied during the day and I still have enough freedom throughout the week to do what I want. Earlier in the day, I mentioned to @kommienezuspadt that I really missed drawing. We both agreed that I had too much free time on my hands before and that my art has actually improved now. I guess you could say that there’s more urgency to produce and that absence does make the heart grow fonder....of my craft that is.

Well...I’m going to watch cute animal videos before I fall asleep. I hope everyone enjoys this process video!

Sketched on Procreate using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Thanks for stopping by!🦊

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Yay keep drawing, I love your style! I have included this post in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Thank you! I will! Oh and thanks for featuring me in your post Julia!

Thank you! I will! Oh
And thanks for featuring me
In your post Julia!

                 - vermillionfox

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Yay for job providing both extra income and making you improve your art due to limiting time XD

Meanwhile I want more time to do art x_x lol