How To Compose A Simple Tune

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For some people, they think it is an impossible task to compose a tune. People are scared of free play. Free play is fun as you play as your heart and ears lead you.

There is a method to help you compose simple tunes.

  • To compose any songs, you need to think in Chord Progression.

  • It is the Chord progression that makes up a song.

  • A song is made up of musical phrases in the form of chord progression.

In the Diagram below, you see 4 lines of musical phrases:

  • Chord I IV V I
  • I repeat that chord progression 3X
  • In the final line, I changed it to IV V V I for the ending.

This is the simplest form chord progression that makes up a song.

Even using I IV V Chords, the music sounds quite nice.

  • On the left hand, I play these chords!

  • On the right hand, I create new melodic music by choosing tones that harmonize with the Chords.

This is how you put a beautiful piece of music together.

In the audio, you hear a simple tune made up of I IV V chord progression.

Try it on the piano and see what you come up with.




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