Dark Visitors

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When I was a child I saw faces in the dark. They would become more and more horrific; tearing apart, popping their eyes out and exploding; I thought I would go insane. My mother tried to comfort me, tell me they were just shadows; but they were not shadows. They were moving animated forms that gave off their own light.

They troubled me for as far back as I remember; in the 3rd grade a doctor misdiagnosed me with schizophrenia; which my parents thankfully did not believe. It was not until I was older that I learned it was a known affliction of young children that was supposed to go away with age; only mine never did.

I could go on but I have posted about this before. I just realized I did not have a very good scan of this image; just some photos and doctored images. An older image of mine; it was utilized along with some of my other work in the “13 Moons” multi-media poetry/animation/music project. You can view the finished project; (almost 9 years old) here


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Hi Twirbs, love the painting! Although it's chilling and I can't stay on it for too long... :O

Thank you. At least they have the desired effect. I was trying to relay how I felt and I thought they came out too friendly-looking, lol! (Does it look to dark? It looks darker on Steemit than gimp maybe I should adjust the light better.)

You’ve been Featured!

Wow scary, I imagine that thanks to this you suffered a lot as a child, it hurts that in your case this did not disappear.

Do they still affect you like when you were a child or did you simply decide to live with this all your life without letting it hurt you?

My grandmother told me to “stare down” the faces and I did...and then things got weird in a different way. I found going to deep into that world had consequences I was not ready for so I decided to sleep with a night light on. I still do but I use my curse of seeing images in darkness to draw on black paper and bring forth what I see. I have since talked to others who have similar visions; it is not uncommon in artists.

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