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RE: Introducing Proof of Stake Rewards with Creative Coin!

in #creativecoin2 years ago

That's exciting news! I love how our Tribe is experimenting - (as far as I know) the first Tribe to openly announce their would be no bidbot, and now this :-) Curious to see how it works out and if it gets people to HODL. I coincidentally powered up about 500 CCC today ;-)


I think that this is encouraging people to stake their CCC.
Or at least me. Now I am seriously staking CCC. Even in small amounts. Actually this encouraged me to stake all of my CCC. I had 0.3269 staked. I staked 0.8802 CCC a few seconds ago, and now I have 1.2071 staked CCC.

There is a bit more.

wow! constant efforts give constant results, as one of my steemian friends use to say. I was doing the same: stacked, stacked and stacked more. and then have bought 6k. profit!

what is HODL, @soyrosa?

HODL is a well-known term in crypto/amongst crypto lovers. It is used instead of 'Hold' - Hold On for Dear Life. It has a funny background story if you're interested :-)

i will check the link, thanks a lot. I am intrested in knowing how the world around is organized, being reflected thru the prizm of language.

While you are at it, look up for SPUD and FUD too.. 😊

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