I'm the newest Creative Coin Curator on the block

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I've designed two different thumbnails for this post today in Photoshop, both made from selfies I'd already edited in funky styles, all while creating a silk and wool felted scarf that challenged me to pick the right colours, think about textures, layout and wearability (size and softness).

People call me creative.

Not only that, people call me an artist too. In some ways I am. Having had a few smaller exhibitions on photography and one bigger one that made the national newspaper I do feel I've grown into the artist category, although as with all things when you compare yourself with 'bigger ones' you'll always feel small.

But the past few years I've been growing into the artist identity more and more. Always thinking that 'having brains' and a University Degree means 'having a fast-paced career' - oh boy was I wrong. It took me a good decade of job hopping and ending up with head aches, back pains or other miseries to realize commercial companies are apparently not good for my health.

At least not until I've discovered other parts of myself and learn how to create the right balance between all those parts that work for me.

So what IS good for my health?

Art. Looking at it. Creating. Making stuff with my two hands, or composing an image in my brain to photograph later - yes, I'm that annoying photographer that always seems to not listen to you because she looks away because some shadow in the walls attracted her eye.


I'm literally in the process of learning to accept that I'm creative and need to make stuff with my hands - and that it's maybe even okay to not go for those well-paid jobs I've had in the past. It's not an easy process. But I'll live a happier and healthier life because of it.

Oh, here's what I came to tell you: I'm your newest Creative Coin Curator (CCC)

I felt it was time to get to the point. I'm your newest Creative Coin Curator. In case you didn't know: there's this beautiful new SCOT Tribe called CreativeCoin, and it's reachable on creativecoin.xyz. Posting content on there or from your favourite Steem Frontend with #creativecoin makes you eligible for CCC, which is our Token.

If you've used a creative tag in the past three months you might have received an airdrop in the amount of 1000 CCC. If you're also really really smart you have staked those CCC because that makes you eligible for round 2 of receiving more CCC.

Oh yeah.

You're smart!

Also: curating and thus rewarding artists is the best thing you can do with your money. Without artists and the time they spend in educating themselves and learning their very crafty skills you wouldn't have been able to watch that movie last weekend, nor would your computer have pretty letters and GIFs, just green dots on a black screen.

Artists literally make the world enjoyable, oh, or dare I say: liveable.

That's a post I'll write in a later moment.

For now I'll just say this: I enjoy art, and I enjoy creativity. They're not one and the same. I enjoy if if you do a crafty thing, like making nutmegs from wood, or amazing decorations for a children's party, or an amazing photo essay about your mom's last days on earth. All posts that I've seen on Steem at some point in my 1,5 years on here, and all posts that I would curate with some CCC.

There's a 1000 things more I like though.

I'll write about those later. For now I'm planning to:

  1. Curate daily.
  2. Keep track of what I curate and why I curate it
  3. Write a post about what my personal guidelines are for CCC curation - as every curator will have their own guidelines and taste
  4. Introduce myself properly to the Creative Coin Community by making an overview post of all the creative projects I've been involved in on Steem

It's probably going to be in that order.

Cheers! And if this is the first time we meet: show me your most creative post of the past 5 days in the comments below so I can get to know your work!

I want to thank @isaria and @swelker101 for inviting me into this amazing project - Curating Creativity is probably going to be the best job I'll ever have :-)


This is an awesome introduction. It is great to have you on board and part of the team.

Thanks Wes <3 It really brings me a lot of joy, and I'm always a better person if I can be part of an amazing team of cool and creative people :D Let's make CCC our home on Steem!

Nice! Way to go, Rosa!!! :D Creative Coins Curations are sure in good hands with you on board :D :D :D

:D :D :D I know you care deeply about Creative Content! You know where to find me if I really miss out on a post to curate ;-)

Restless @soyrosa!

Always first and always innovative :)

I was from the lucky ones to get the 1000 CCC but (I am ashamed to be so ignorant) what does it mean to have staked those CCC?
This is my first comment through creativecoin.xyz but I have already upvoted your post through steemit. That means that I cannot upvote again here, right?

Congratulations on your new steem-vocation but more congratulations for your life decisions, it is not easy to find what is good for ourselves especially when this involves leaving a well payed job or a familiar lifestyle.

Hey @fotostef! :D Yes, I'm always evolving haha :D

Congratz with the 1000 CCC! If you stake them you will:

  • Get more CCC because there will be a second airdrop for the people that stake them
  • It works like Powering Up STEEM to Steem Power: The more you have staked the higher your upvote will be!

Cool huh?

On Creativecoin.xyz you have 40% curation rewards, that means if you upvote 10 CCC you get 4 yourself after 7 days!



This is my first comment through creativecoin.xyz but I have already upvoted your post through steemit. That means that I cannot upvote again here, right?

That's right, an upvote on Steem is an upvote on CreativeCoin :-) If you had staked your CCC you would automatically have added CCC to this post as well as Steem on steemit.com :D It works like magic.

Really happy you're experimenting and trying out this new website - hope you enjoy it! :-)

Great, thanks!

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Yay!! I love your thumbnail and I'm so happy that you are on the team!❤️

YAY!!! Thanks again! I'm so happy too! <3

Congratulations! What a great group of curators all gathered together here. ♥

Thanks! And Yes! It's a great bunch of people and I like the diversity :-)

Congrats! I think the community will be lucky to have you scouting great content as you have been great at for some time! Look forward to seeing the results.

Thanks @newageinv! I'm glad I'm being given this chance to uplift some people doing awesome stuff :-)

oh girl it's nice to see that you're so involved in awesome projects! As usual I feel like a tourist here heheheh . Didn't know you were a photographer! Hope you are well girl!!! Hugs, E

Whieeeee! I'm well! Contact me if you are 'ready' to learn more about all the big changes on Steem and I'll talk you through it :-) Hope you are well too <3


Mr un-creative here :)

Not sure how often i'll be posting with this tag but the stuff i'm seeing is rather good and so I've staked 13000 CCC's :D

I think you'll do a grand job, enjoy!

YAY! That's a pretty nice chunk of CCC'! That will make a lot of people you curate really happy :D Maybe you'll feel creative some day and post something awesome and if you put butter on my head (or send me chocolate) I'll even upvote it :') Cheers Asher! And thanks!

Upvotes for chocolate, that is a new one to me :)

I think many of the work and people I appreciate have something good to offer to #creativecoin, and so it made sense to build a stake here.

Nice to see the PAL community growing, SteemIt gets bigger by the day and we need to promote more things! I hope to see more content like this post. It's nice to see all the curators together! :D

Thanks a lot for your comment @endless.drugs! I'm seeing all the positivity and growth as well and it makes me feel a 'new excitement' for Steem :-) I hope you feel the same and enjoy the experience!

I like CCC a lot, I always use the creativecoin tag for my posts regarding my excursions in Italy and every day I enjoy commenting and voting for other creatives.

Soon I'll buy more tokens to increase my relevance in this beautiful community.

Congratulations, beautiful thumbnail! :)

That sounds great @alequandro - I find it really cool that people want to grow on CreativeCoin so I hope you'll get a good deal with buying CCC! I find it's still early and 'easy' to earn some CCC so you can grow a little faster :-)

And thank you for the nice words! :-)

Sweet! :) What account will you be curating from? I'll follow your vote.

Wh00p! Thanks @midlet / @midlet-creates, that feels like a vote (haha) of confidence :-) I'm currently curating from @soyrosa my main account - I thought about how that will work, and basically that means although I will have about 10% daily for CCC curation I'll also upvote other posts so if you follow that vote you might drain VP without giving out CCC :-/

So maybe we should think of a workaround, I sometimes feel like some people are autovoting people * tags, so there could be a tool somewhere that upvotes only when a certain tag is detected. I'm going to look for something like that or maybe you're already aware of one :D

@midlet-creates only has enough SP for the RC needed to vote a lot so it’s no problem. Making multiple accounts like this is the only workaround I know of, but I would love a tool that allowed for a little if/then for voting. So it’s VP can be zero for STEEM, the VP for CCC is the only one that matters.

Good news - we do not know each other personally but I heard good things about you and saw you in numerous discords being active and helpful. Good luck!

Cool! Don't forget to say hi to me if you see me active in one of those places again :-) Thanks for the good luck wishes!

Thanks - that is lovely. Now another two music tribes started. A lot happening on the chain.

@soyrosa exciting that you are curating in another place. Thanks for the shout out. I just wrote a follow up about grief and grieving. I even mention you in it and your post on crying. Through Steem I am finding my voice as a writer, which is exciting since I was always a photographer. It is great to find different ways to express creativity!

Yes, you're a very creative person and I love how you've been able to express certain parts of grief and death on Steem - it's not everyone's favourite subject but I'd rather talk about it then being confronted with it without sharing my thoughts on it with the ones I care about. Going to check out your post tomorrow as this has been a long day, but I already know it will be a good one :-)

GGGGrrrr Go Soyrosa!

Hahaha that's so cute :D Promise me I'll get a bear hug like that if we ever meet :P

loool I promise you a much bigger one if we ever meet :P :P

I'll use this picture as a reference :D

And I'd use that charming wink in your header picture! Just don't freak out when I'm over doing it

I'm pretty well-known for crushing people with my hugs :') So be warned yourself :P

lmao...okay, should be fun...looking forward to it...

goodnight @soyrosa, I wish you all the fun with your new role...

Thanks @mistakili! Better start practicing that wink :') It's truly horrifying :D Sleep well!

Wow! I am so happy and proud of you!!!😍

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Thank you @irisworld! :D I am happy about this too, and thanks a lot for your encouragement :D

Great work

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Yay for curation :)

Absolutely :D It's fun! Even more fun on CCC because those Steem votes don't even count up to 1, and I can give maybe 40-50 CCC if I do a 50% upvote - so it definitely feels great ;-)

It's nice to see you here! in the end, a friend curator hehe😀. I will be interested because I like to post nice photos and videos😀 Creative photos and videos😉

Good luck on posting creative content :-)

Congratulations @soyrosa.

Thank you!

You got a 24.05% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @soyrosa! :)

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Nice one awesome introduction it is great to have you as part of the team

Great news! I look forward to seeing your top picks.

That's awesome, what a perfect pick for a curator. My last creative piece? A poem. Without time for bigger craft projects, yet still possessing the desire to creatively express my emotional world and felt experience, words are my felt at the moment - see what I did there? :P

Well, congrats are in order! I've always considered you an artist, not just a simple photographer ;0)