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RE: Creative Coin Update - New Management!

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This is wonderful news @creativecoin and @cliffagreen. I hope the additional engagement and community presence will bring more creators into the fold.


It is! How is the curating going, with your award?

I am setting aside time most days to curate a variety of creative pieces in creative coin community, theinkwell, POB word of the week etc, from short stories to poems and artworks, both sketches and digital. It's a real balance as I also have an Alive token delegation from @flaxz for the next couple of weeks to give justice to, not to mention other projects that I am supporting through curation like @dreemport, @comet.ranker, @trostparadox gradnium project for his students. I am killing my VP daily lol :-) I am trying to spread the love net as wide as possible by reading new authors and contributors as well as some of my faves. In the process I am also starting to build a nice little nest of CCC myself which will hopefully continue to provide help to others around me after long after the delegation ends in December. I guess what goes around comes around 😊🙏 If you have any additional advice on how best to use this wonderful delegation that I received from @pibara, I would be happy to hear from you🙏

Oh, I love that you are keeping an eye of The Ink Well. I'm really hoping to see more English language fiction on #creativecoin, so good to hear that you're curating there. One thing you could do for curating is drop by the Creative Coin Discord ( We're seeing a real uptick in activity there (I just found a nice Ink Well story through the Discord). The server is really the Creative Coin community home at the moment; I'd love to see you there. :)

Fantastic, thanks for the invite link! I've just joined the Creative Coin Discord. I'll keep an eye out for recommendations in there 😊🙌🙏 I agree with you on the English language fiction part 💯Good short stories on the Hive is one of the things that I enjoy reading the most, although I do love thought-provoking poetry that challenges the reader too. Thought I'd mention that I only curate manually as that is the only way I can be sure of what I am curating. I know some people use voting trails and auto vote, and that is their prerogative. I choose not to miss out on all the fun of reading the posts myself 😂There's no growth or learning experience in that for me or for those with whom I engage on a daily basis in the comments.