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RE: I'm the newest Creative Coin Curator on the block

in #creativecoinlast year

GGGGrrrr Go Soyrosa!


Hahaha that's so cute :D Promise me I'll get a bear hug like that if we ever meet :P

loool I promise you a much bigger one if we ever meet :P :P

I'll use this picture as a reference :D

And I'd use that charming wink in your header picture! Just don't freak out when I'm over doing it

I'm pretty well-known for crushing people with my hugs :') So be warned yourself :P

lmao...okay, should be fun...looking forward to it...

goodnight @soyrosa, I wish you all the fun with your new role...

Thanks @mistakili! Better start practicing that wink :') It's truly horrifying :D Sleep well!