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RE: I'm the newest Creative Coin Curator on the block

Sweet! :) What account will you be curating from? I'll follow your vote.


Wh00p! Thanks @midlet / @midlet-creates, that feels like a vote (haha) of confidence :-) I'm currently curating from @soyrosa my main account - I thought about how that will work, and basically that means although I will have about 10% daily for CCC curation I'll also upvote other posts so if you follow that vote you might drain VP without giving out CCC :-/

So maybe we should think of a workaround, I sometimes feel like some people are autovoting people * tags, so there could be a tool somewhere that upvotes only when a certain tag is detected. I'm going to look for something like that or maybe you're already aware of one :D

@midlet-creates only has enough SP for the RC needed to vote a lot so it’s no problem. Making multiple accounts like this is the only workaround I know of, but I would love a tool that allowed for a little if/then for voting. So it’s VP can be zero for STEEM, the VP for CCC is the only one that matters.