Calm Before the Storm Ambience | Deep Rolling Thunder in Distance | Warm, Balmy and Windy | 1 HOUR

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Calm Before the Storm Ambience | Deep Rolling Thunder in Distance | Warm, Balmy and Windy | 1 HOUR

It’s a warm, summer evening, and a storm is approaching in the distance beyond the forest. The wind has already arrived, whipping up gusts of warm movement through the leaves. The atmosphere is balmy, there’s a lull and a heaviness in the air and the deep, distant rumbling is both soothing and powerful.


🏝️ * About this channel *

Balmy Cove is an original channel crafted with love by a fellow ambient soundscape-lover, passionate about the benefits of ambience for relaxation and mental wellbeing.

Here, you can find comfort and reprieve from the stresses of your life, focus more easily on your study or work, fall asleep more easily, or simply retreat into escapism after a long day with a good book.

No matter what is going on in your life, you will always have these special places to hide in.


🏝️ * How I make these videos *

You can watch the process behind one of my videos here:

All of my videos are completely original and made from scratch. They take weeks to produce and are completed in different stages.

I create my 3D scenes in VUE — sculpting terrains, sourcing materials, modelling items, and placing them into the scene, adjusting lighting, angles, and other effects.

Once I’ve rendered the scene, I might use compositing techniques and other adjustments in Adobe Photoshop to add in new features. Then, I import it into Adobe After Effects, where I bring the scene to life with various animations and effects.

Next, I create a soundscape specifically for the atmosphere by combining several sounds together using a sound mixer, which involves applying various settings and adjustments.

Finally, everything is put together with video editing software and uploaded here for you to enjoy!


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© 2021 Balmy Cove. All original artwork and animations belong to this creator unless otherwise stated and reproduction of all / part of this video is prohibited.

Audio files used in this work are: forest_wind_summer by Don't know +); Tree Creaking in the Wind by effectnz from +); Wind on Field by felix.blume from +); Brushing soil with hand by NeoSpica from +); Distant rolling thunder by RHumphries from +); Quiet Breezy Leaves by Spleencast from +) Released under +) Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License via


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