What is Creativity?????

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This question keeps popping up and it's giving me an existential crisis people!!!

Let's see what the interwebz has to say about this!

Real Talk

I created this community as a place for the Creative Arts. I know not everyone is a professional creative artist and that is completely ok. I want this to be a place for all forms of creativity.

The Creative Coin team is made up of wonderful Steemians who really care about the success of this tribe.

I know downvoting can be a touchy subject, but downvoting is part of what will make niche tribes successful.
So ... what should be downvoted??

Obvious examples:

  1. A post about Crypto prices that uses the creativecoin tag.
    Creative Coin will be removed from that post as it is clearly not a creative post.

  2. Tag farming.
    These are posts with every tribe listed in the tags. It is clear that the intention of the post is just to gather as many tokens as possible based on the content and the number of tags used.........don't be that person.

Now that we have some obvious examples out of the way we can now enter into the grey area of creative confusion......yay.

My intention when creating this tribe was to inspire and allow all sorts of creativity.
To me, creativity is subjective.
What I may view as a beautiful piece of art, someone else might view as just a bunch of paint thrown randomly on a canvas.

But, I think we all know what shit content is amirite?

Don't try to play dumb with me!!!

Imma just use one example here.
Ex. A post with one pic...no words...and the pic is a selfie.

My dudes...this is not "creative" content.
Don't try to argue with me that it is just because it's a photo and you can use the "photography" tag.
Come on now.

The whole point of this tribe is to have a place for creative artists.
Please don't try to take advantage of that.

And remember, you don't HAVE to post using the creativecoin tag. The reward structure is 60/40 so you can still get rewarded with tokens by curating!

Bottom Line

Because "creativity" is subjective, the team has been doing our best to make sure that this tribe stays true to its name.
I appreciate everyone's hard work!
Moderation of niche tribes is extremely important.
Without it, the community can quickly become a spammy shit show.
We aren't moderating to be tyrannical assholes.
We are trying to create a community for creative content.

For now though, we are just going to focus on removing rewards from the following types of posts:

  • Plagiarism
  • Obvious spam and shit posting
  • Topics that are 100% clear-cut NOT creative
  • Tag abuse

I know I made a post about what types of creativity would be accepted, but we have yet to make a complete guideline post so we will be working on that this week.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!