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The halvening is upon us


We at Creative Coin have decided to start 2020 off with something different within this tribe. Starting in two weeks, block rewards will be cut in half, which means that all CCC rewards across the board will be halved as well.

With less CCC going out in rewards, the CCC that you do receive should retain more value since there won't be as much flowing out each day.

Our plans for this year


We have a few things in the works that we are hoping to release this year. We have been working on a marketplace system for people to be able to use their CCC/Steem/SBD and possibly other Steem Engine tokens as payment options to buy and sell digital goods from one another.

MakersPlace is already doing something similar to this on the Etherium blockchain, but we are hoping to bring something like this to Steem. There are a lot of downsides of utilizing the ETH blockchain for things like this because of Gas fees and transaction times. The Steem blockchain is more suited for these types of markets with our zero cost transactions and 3 second transaction times.

We also have another idea in the works that we are trying to hash out all of the details. It would be an mobile app of sorts that would allow users to upload various types of creative content while on the go. Right now we are trying to figure out what content we would want to focus on and then get a dev team put together. Our goal with the app would be to make it so that content creators could seamlessly share their content on the Steem Blockchain and other various conventional social media sites.

2020 is going to be a busy year for the CreativeCoin team. We are hoping that we can find passionate developers that have the same mindset as we do when it comes to the future of the blockchain and the creative arts.

Thank you all for stopping by and I hope that you are excited for the upcoming year.



Sounds like an exciting start to the year !COFFEEA

Sounds like exciting things are on the horizon 😁
Thanks for telling us about this in PYPT!

No problem. We are hoping it will be awesome for everyone.

One of my favorite tribes!

Hey, mine too!

Your plans seems reasonable in order to have a sustainable Tribe for the long term. Will watch for more exciting options coming in 2020.

Good Luck.

Thanks. We are hoping to provide something awesome for everyone

Do you have any banners or footers I can utilize in my posts to show my support of the CCC Tribe?

Yes, I use a few from @elgeko

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We have some in our discord server that you can use.

I'm currently not a member of your discord server. what are the requirements and where can I find an invite link.

It looks indeed like an exciting year already:) The halving will have a good impact at the price of CCC, make it more rare and valuable and the market place system is sth that all of us creatives have been waiting for years. So glad that the CreativeCoin tribe will be the first to launch it:) I shared it at my twitter #posh

A marketplace is something we have been hoping to do for a while. We are just hoping to get a great dev team to help finish the vision.

Yes, we really need that app for the artists here on steemit. I currently use fiverr to sell my services but their fees are really high ( 20% on an order ) and after that paypal to local currency is really annoying. Steem based system will surely help the artists in a great way. I am eagerly waiting for that system.

I didn’t know Fiverr was taking that much. That is crazy.

Oh yes, great that you are on the market place idea again!

2020 sounds like a promising year!

We are hoping that it turns out to be an awesome one.

Sure will be!

Thanks for the update and all the support.

No problem. Keep up the awesome work.

That’s freaking legit!!!

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Stupid question maybe... Is their a discord for the tribe?

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Hello Good night.
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We want to know why you are doing this, you like to play in a bad way.

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We had faith in the token, I think it disappeared now.

At least let our publications appear and continue receiving our tokens.
We believe that in life you have to be fair.
Just sayin

Thank you, @team-mexico.

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2020 will be an amazing year and if we hit the wall we ll make sure to tag it
With hearts ✨lets be creative !

Oh wow, I'm just hearing about this now. Halving? Creative coin is about to POP!