Tribe Analysis for the Month – CreativeCoin!

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This month I will be looking more closely into the CreativeCoinCrypto tribe. The name of the tribe is pretty much self-explanatory, what this tribe is all about. Creativity!


Here I will do a closer look into the data of the tribe, users, the number of tokens issued, top earners, staking, activity on the web, prices etc.
Data will be presented for the period between 11/15/2019 till 12/15/2019.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Tokens distribution,
  • Top Earners in the last 30 days
  • Staking and top Stakers
  • Burning
  • Number of CreativeCoin users
  • Posts and comments activities on the platform
  • Posting from CreativeCoin interface,
  • Price Chart

Issued Tokens

First, lets take a look into token distribution, inflation and how it is distributed.
Below is a chart that represents the daily issued CCC token.


On average there is around 18k CCC tokens issued daily. For the period the number of issued tokens is 571k tokens. Compared to some of the other tribes like PAL or LEO where there is around 5k tokens issued daily this is a bit higher inflation, but not as much. Having nice use cases is also important.

Top 10 CCC Earners for the period

Now that we saw how the numbers on the tokens are issued let’s see how those are being distributed. How much do the top 10 received and how much the rest? How many accounts earned CCC tokens?

Here is the chart of the Top 10 CCC earners in the period.


Out of the 571k issued tokens in the period, the top 10 earned 104k or 17% share of the reward pool.
This is a great distribution of the token, having in mind that some other tribes have 50% share of the top users.

On the top with is @derangedvisions with more than 15k tokens earned, next is the @organduo account and @casberp account.

Staked Tokens

Staking is an important part of the tokenomics as it shows how much of the tokens are out of the market and put in use.

CCC is rewarded 50% staked, 50% liquid.*

Here is the chart of the net staked tokens in the last 30 days.


A total of 678k CCC tokens staked in the period
The tokens above are not net tokens, meaning its not a difference between staked and unstaked but only tokens that were staked. The unstaking period for token is 56 days. To calculate the net unstaking it is needed to go back and check the data when unstaking started. From the last 30 days data there is around 9k tokens that started to be unstaked daily meaning somewhere around 270k tokens unstaked for 30 days. But this is rough estimated. If we net this with the number of staked the net staked will be around 400k tokens.

Top 10 CCC Stakers in the period

Who is doing the staking? Here is the chart of the Top 10 CCC stakers in the period analyzed.


On the top is the @mentalhealthguru with more than 77k CCC tokens staked, next is the @captainkaye and @derangedvisions.

Burning CCC

Burning tokens is an important metric as in a way it is a anti inflationary measure and it shows the use cases for the token or sinks.

A total of 1873 tokens burned in the period analyzed

Looks like some more ways to burn CCC tokens are needed as the number above is not that high.

Top 10 CCC Burners in the last 30 days

Who is doing the burning? Here is the chart of the Top 10 CCC burners (not sure about this word 😊) in the last 30 days.


On the top is the @sonicgroovelive account with 978 CCC tokens burned in the period.

CCC Users

How is the CCC community doing with the number of users?

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted on the CreativeCoin web. These are users that posted directly from the web.


A total of 475 unique user have posted from the CreativeCoin frontend.
The users who posted from other frontends and included the tag #CreativeCoin are not included in the chart above.

Activities on CreativeCoin

Below is a char of the activities on CreativeCoin, including posting and commenting from the CreativeCoin interface and posting and commenting with the #CreativeCoin tag.


We can see that the majority of the posting still comes from other interfaces with the tag #CreativeCoin.

Here is the chart only for posts from CreativeCoins interface.


There seems to been a bit of excitement at the begging an the numbers dropped afterword’s. In the last period there is on average around 16 posts coming from the CreativeCoin frontend.

Posts and comments from the CreativeCoin interface

Below is the chart on the posts and comments from the CreativeCoin web, in the period.


A total of 478 posts and 448 comments from the CreativeCoin interface in the period analyzed.


Here is the price chart with proper daily candles.


In the last period the CCC token is traded around 0.02 STEEM.

All the best

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