It's time for an IMPORTANT HIVE update

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This here is the big one. The one you need to pay attention to as far as the final push for full HIVE migration.

First off, CreativeCoin has ALL information in place to make the switch to HIVE. Settings are being double and triple checked before we make the full switch.

HOWEVER, the main issue is the transfer of tokens and how that will be implemented.

We will be doing a 1:1 airdrop of STAKED tokens only. Read that last sentence again.

We will not be pulling the trigger on the full migration to hive-engine and token drops until April 24th around 7pm EST, so you have plenty of time to either stake or not stake. At that time, Creative Coin on Steem-engine will be no more.

The same goes for the Miners as well, a 1:1 stake will happen. I have lowered the MAX amount of Miners to 1500 with 1000 already in circulation. That means over the life of CC there will be no more than 500 Miners added.



Excellent... Seriously. (I've still been tagging all of my ART posts here on the HIVE with "creativecoin" just hoping it would make sense again some day!)

That's really awesome news, Shane! Creativecoin was always one of my favorite SCOT tribes... so glad it is coming to life here on the Hive!

Ah, super happy to hear this, since this account was specifically created to support CCC! Looking forward to Hive-Engine.



Awesome news. One step forward !!! Powering up all my creative coins

Why only staked?

Is Creative Coin CCC in Steem-engine auto move to Hive-engine?
What should I do CCC in Steem-engine?

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If you want the drop, stake it. If not, it become obsolete in a week

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How do you buy and sell them without steem-engine? What's replacing it?

CCC will be tradeable on Hive Engine after migration.

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just as fluff said,

Plain and simple, staked moves rest dies. Thanks for the heads up. Heading to S-E now and will take care of things on my side.

Ah! I have just been staking, then the Hive-fork happened and, after some consideration I started un-staking... Now I just un-un-staked.

I didn't know that there was a Hive-engine? What is the https address

Ha! My investment is not lost! Right now I have already my STEM!

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Yeah, they and a couple of other tribes have already made the switch. I was scrambling to get the HIVE needed to get everything set up. We are technically ready to switch now, but I wanted to give people plenty of time to see the post and do what you did. :)

I'll repost to get the word spread.

I'll be doing the same. 😄

After the Big Dump, I started unstaking the tokens... I guess that I can restake them once more. Ahahaha.

Thanks for the heads up.

Cool to hear you are moving over. I am keen to support artists and musicians on Hive.

Sounds great! Will see if I can stake some more CreativeCoin before the drop! Also, what's the story with sonicgroove tokens? Or is my thinking that they are a wing of the Creative Coin incorrect?

(I apologise if this is answered somewhere else I haven't seen yet)

I think you should update on more often. image.png

Any updates about the drop? When do we get our tokens on Hive side?

@creativecoin has started issuing CCC on Hive blockchain image.png

Yes, came here to find out too.

They started the drop.

Cool, thanks!

I guess might happen at next UTC midnight, 24 hours later than announced. I hope this is just a misinterpretation of information.

@creativecoin - a question on sonicgroove - wasn't this linked to CC or not? Asking as it is still running on Steem, correct? Any enlightenment would be good to have.

Yeah this would be great to know if the sonicgroove/creativecoin projects are still active - unless there's another account that represents these tokens and I've missed an announcement (likely)

creativecoin still active on Hive and sonicgroove is on Steem but without any token value these days, but you can use it

Yeah I've still been using the #creativecoin tag but I'm not posting on Steem anymore, there's already too many sites to keep of on top of and share music to so just focusing on HIVE mostly. Think I had about 12k sonicgroove tokens, a shame, think that would have been good but I think musicians are looking elsewhere now on other sites dedicated to building a music streaming platform.