Introducing Proof of Stake Rewards with Creative Coin!

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Proof Of Stake

We have some exciting news for the Creative Coin community. We are going to be implementing Proof of Stake rewards.
So what exactly does this mean?
In short, you will be rewarded for the CCC that you have staked. Staking your CCC will now be beneficial to you in more ways than just curation rewards!

Powering up (staking) gives a user more influence on the platform. As you power up your CCC stake in the Creative Coin tribe, you are able to reward posts with more CCC, and in turn, you receive more CCC for curating.
And now with the implementation of POS you will be rewarded for staking as well!


Where are the POS rewards coming from?

We are going to be lowering the Proof of Brain (POB) rewards by 5%, making POB 70% of the reward pool. We will also be lowering the Management Team percentage by 5% as well. This will allow for POS to generate 10% of the rewards from the pool.

Distribution Overview:

Proof of Brain: 70%
Mining: 15%
Proof of Stake: 10%
Management Team: 5%

We understand that the two accounts, @creativecoin and @notcreative, will be generating POS rewards each day as well. The POS rewards of both of those accounts will be sent to @null and BURNED each week to prevent those accounts from growing larger due to the POS rewards.


When will POS be implemented?

We want to make sure everyone is aware of this change and give people a chance to stake so we will be implementing POS in about a week.


Why add POS Rewards?

We have several things in development for the future of the Creative Coin tribe. It would be in people's best interest to hold onto their CCC because there will more utility for the token.

We understand that for a project to thrive, it needs a healthy economy, where there are a good amount of buyers and sellers. When people have more incentive to stake their tokens and can earn from their stake in more ways than just one, that will add more value to each CCC that you hold. One way to look at your wallet is a savings account with multiple ways that you are earning passive income that you can spend in a marketplace if one were being developed...


Thank you all

Thank you all to those that are using the #creativecoin tag with your posts. Our curators love seeing the amazing content that you are sharing. There are so many amazingly talented people here. Keep up the great work that you are all doing.


sounds very nice to me. I am not a big fish, but already have staked 7k and not going to stop or dump it.

I wish you luck with this. It's so nice to see new and innovative ideas to keep tokens in the ecosystem and encourage saving. Glad I've got my 5k tucked away now!

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great move and commendable signal to take half of the new POS reward from the mngmt rewards... chapeau!

It's really nice to see how proactive this tribe is, and how there is active management here! I think that speaks volumes for all of you, and bodes well for the future of all of us who are part of it!


That's exciting news! I love how our Tribe is experimenting - (as far as I know) the first Tribe to openly announce their would be no bidbot, and now this :-) Curious to see how it works out and if it gets people to HODL. I coincidentally powered up about 500 CCC today ;-)

I think that this is encouraging people to stake their CCC.
Or at least me. Now I am seriously staking CCC. Even in small amounts. Actually this encouraged me to stake all of my CCC. I had 0.3269 staked. I staked 0.8802 CCC a few seconds ago, and now I have 1.2071 staked CCC.

There is a bit more.

wow! constant efforts give constant results, as one of my steemian friends use to say. I was doing the same: stacked, stacked and stacked more. and then have bought 6k. profit!

what is HODL, @soyrosa?

HODL is a well-known term in crypto/amongst crypto lovers. It is used instead of 'Hold' - Hold On for Dear Life. It has a funny background story if you're interested :-)

i will check the link, thanks a lot. I am intrested in knowing how the world around is organized, being reflected thru the prizm of language.

While you are at it, look up for SPUD and FUD too.. 😊

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It will be interesting to see how this develops, and what results from it.

This is a project Ive been following a bit and I am glad to see POS implemented.

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I will stake all my coins, sounds very promising.

Very nice, I'll start creating amazing content.

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Fantastic stuff! Love seeing all this innovation going on.

Be vampires!

No wait

Get it? Because stake? I need coffee, obviously, and a better psychiatrist.

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We will be implementing POV next

Ha, love it x



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That sounds great!

As a rare poster with #creativecoin, I am pretty happy with this news, cheers!

That's good news.. Good initiative for people who have staked or will be staking in the future. 😊

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ok now this sounds good. I´m going to stake my other 500CCC as well now. :)

We already stake it all since the first CCC, so this are great news indeed ! ;-) !yeah.png

This is great news and I am going to stake my CCC coin now. Thanks.

Sounds amazing, keep up the great work! I was staking already :D

Damn, this news is just a tiny bit too early for me right now. I was just powering down 250 STEEM in a few days to try and buy an extra 10k to get my 100% vote above 50 CCC again, now not only is the prize way up because of this news, half of the sell part of the order book is gone as well. Guess for now I'll just drop in a buy order somewhere and see where the market goes from here over the next week or so.

I was just stacking for the sake of stacking (because I can actually support others by stacking CCC and voting in this tribe without being a big fish -looks at steemit >_>-), but this is good news. I like your proactivity! Going strong, creative.


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Very nice! This will give an incentive for more people to hold their coins. How many total Creative Coins will there ever be, and over what amount of time (months/years) they will be dispersed?

Great! I'm in! :D

@creativecoin, I really want to welcome this decision team and when Token Holders are empowered then in my opinion this Ecosystem can see more extended levels of actions on this Ecosystem. Keep up the good work team and wishing you productive results ahead.

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We don't really understand this idea at the moment, but we always will welcome more rewards.

Right now is just slowly building our stake.

But we do have one question

What happens to the people who sacrificed their staked CCC and delegated to our account so that we can enjoy rewarding good contents of the people we follow?

Philip and Rene