Creative Coin Update - New Management!

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Hey guys, it’s been a long time without any updates. Well, hold on to your hats as we have a big one for you. Since we have been pretty much MIA for the last several months, we agreed to start transitioning to a team that is dedicated to keeping Creative Coin alive!

We would like to introduce you to @cliffagreen!

@cliffagreen is moving into a management position with Creative Coin.

Cliff is a creative writer and a photographer who began his journey in the Hive community in 2018 back when it was still on Steem. He was among those who received the initial airdrop of Creative Coin in 2019, and he has been active as a writer and curator in the community since then. In May of this year, he established the Creative Coin Fund, an investment and curation account dedicated to raising the price of CCC until it can afford artists a living wage. Since May the Fund has grown to a team of six, including Cliff, built a stake of over 300,000 CCC, and received delegations from the community of 430,000 CCC.

This month Isaria and Shane delegated 250,000 CCC to the Fund to support its work and asked Cliff to help manage the Discord and the @creativecoin accounts.

Cliff is working to bring the Discord back to life. His goal is to make the Discord both a gathering place and source of information for the community. He has hired a Discord curator, and the Fund's team of curators is also active in the server. New announcement channels have been added for creative Hive communities, such as The Ink Well and CELF Magazine.

Cliff will be writing announcements from @creativecoin, as well as sharing curation reports from the Fund and other CCC curation accounts. He plans to use the official Creative Coin account as a platform for community news, so if you have a CCC contest or project post to share, send him a message on Discord: cliffagreen#1444. Along with helping to spread the word, he will offer any other support that he can, in the form of liquid CCC, delegations, or perhaps by creating a space on Discord.

And finally, in order to expand the work of community building and organizing, he is hiring helpers. If you are interested in participating, send him a message on Discord. There are many jobs available, including positions in curation, event management, and writing.


Hooray! I always hoped CCC would come back alive. I still have a decent stash, nice going.

Wow, this is good news. I was always a fan of creative coin but thought that it was dead

@tipu curate

finally! :)

Wow, i’m so happy for this good news! 🎊

Awesome been wondering what was up with this token and it's good to see some activity again! Time to pick up more miners! :)

This is wonderful news @creativecoin and @cliffagreen. I hope the additional engagement and community presence will bring more creators into the fold.

It is! How is the curating going, with your award?

I am setting aside time most days to curate a variety of creative pieces in creative coin community, theinkwell, POB word of the week etc, from short stories to poems and artworks, both sketches and digital. It's a real balance as I also have an Alive token delegation from @flaxz for the next couple of weeks to give justice to, not to mention other projects that I am supporting through curation like @dreemport, @comet.ranker, @trostparadox gradnium project for his students. I am killing my VP daily lol :-) I am trying to spread the love net as wide as possible by reading new authors and contributors as well as some of my faves. In the process I am also starting to build a nice little nest of CCC myself which will hopefully continue to provide help to others around me after long after the delegation ends in December. I guess what goes around comes around 😊🙏 If you have any additional advice on how best to use this wonderful delegation that I received from @pibara, I would be happy to hear from you🙏

Oh, I love that you are keeping an eye of The Ink Well. I'm really hoping to see more English language fiction on #creativecoin, so good to hear that you're curating there. One thing you could do for curating is drop by the Creative Coin Discord ( We're seeing a real uptick in activity there (I just found a nice Ink Well story through the Discord). The server is really the Creative Coin community home at the moment; I'd love to see you there. :)

Fantastic, thanks for the invite link! I've just joined the Creative Coin Discord. I'll keep an eye out for recommendations in there 😊🙌🙏 I agree with you on the English language fiction part 💯Good short stories on the Hive is one of the things that I enjoy reading the most, although I do love thought-provoking poetry that challenges the reader too. Thought I'd mention that I only curate manually as that is the only way I can be sure of what I am curating. I know some people use voting trails and auto vote, and that is their prerogative. I choose not to miss out on all the fun of reading the posts myself 😂There's no growth or learning experience in that for me or for those with whom I engage on a daily basis in the comments.

These are great news, one of my favourite projects, hope you can get this to work again.

My best wishes, and all the support I'm able to provide.

Oh, this is brilliant news @creativecoin! And I'm stoked that @cliffagreen and his initiatives will become a driving force here!

I was always enthusiastic about Hive (and even Steemit) having a creative/arts community because at the start we desperately needed some counterpoints to all the developer/blockchain/crypto focused content. It was very sad to see things slow to a crawl... but I also WELL understand that we all have lives and other opportunities that call us!

I'm excited for the future, and definitely feel better about continuing to "stack" CCC tokens!


Its alive! ITS ALIVE!
Go @cliffagreen !!
GO @creativecoin !

Thank you @palimanali. And you bet it is!

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Great news and every post of mine carries the CCC tag.

This is excellent news!

I'm so glad some life is going to come back into the CCC community, and I really hope it can be built into a Hive-based hub for all manners of creative content.

This is excellent news and CCC is in the right direction at the new leadership. I can't wait to see new front end and more features in coming days too ;)

I can write words

Give me a job, chief!

What needs doing?