And we're switching NOW.. With an important update

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Right now the air-drop of tokens is happening as I post this with a bit of a surprise. A glitch in the matrix is having the airdrop as all tokens liquid and staked.

It's not what we wanted, but it is what it is. Due to the way the back-end is set, there is no way to reverse this, nor is there a 100% guaranteed way to adjust for this once it started.


We have the drop happening now with the snapshot time of about 2:07PM EST on 4/25/20.

I will be burning all of my tokens that I receive liquid, and I encourage you to do the same.

This airdrop can be found at



Thanks for the update! It's exciting that this is actually going to happen... and I managed to buy and stake a few more tokens before the cutoff time.

Yes, I will burn any liquid CCC tokens that show up, but I can't imagine it's very many.

Appreciate your hard work!


I kind of guessed this would end up like this, and I think this outcome is better than the intended. I don't think you did enough to inform users that you would wipe out their tokens.

Thanks for the update! Going to burn my liquid CCC now.

@creativecoin What's happening with our frontend? It's been down about 3 days now.