Contest. Win a personalized digital portrait.

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Hello hello my friends Steemians!

As I had already mentioned in previous publications, today I open the contest in which I will be giving away two personalized digital portraits for wallpapers ideal.


The rules to follow are super simple.

1- Portrait bust.

To opt for this award you just have to comment on this post.



2- Portrait-Med.

The winner will be selected from the votes in favor belonging to this publication.



At the end of the week of this publication I will be making the raffle, then I will make a new publication announcing the winners to establish contact and obtain the necessary references for me to make the portrait.

The prizes are transferable, the winners may request the realization of another person's portrait if they wish - not celebrities-

It will only be one head on portrait.



Delivery time will be according to my schedule (approximately 7-10 days after the winner sends their references).

I am excited for this contest!

Good luck dears!


Oh my dilly dandies! This is an amaaaaazing prize! I would love to win, but even more, I love that you are offering this to the people of the Steemiverse. Your arrtwork is excellent and I look forward to seeing the winners portrait : ) - - - fingers crossed it will be me!

thanks for your words @basilmarples
Good luck!!
I am eager to make the draw!

This is awesome, your portrait style is so cool, I'm putting myself in the running :)

Thanks for joining and supporting @juliakponsford!
I'm also looking forward to your SPIRIT ANIMAL contest. I hope I can still have time to participate

I hope you do, I would love to see an entry from you!

You've been chosen to be featured in @creativecoin's 🔥DAILY BURN🔥 post!

I love your artwork! I feel like I see a LOT of different styles and this is so unique! I really like your color backgrounds that blend with the focus. So great.
Thanks for offering to do this for people! It's so exciting having a picture drawn of yourself!

Oh thank you very much. and thanks for sharing

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Count me in. I like what you create and how you create it 🐸

Thank you and good luck!


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definately want to take part in this!


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good luck friend!

I'd loooove to win a portrait done by you, super generous of you to run this contest here, love your work! Resteeming for more visibility.

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oh thanks and good luck!

The water colour effect is amazing. Like cartoon animation. Very vivid character creation.

I appreciate your words friend!

You have a distinctive, fantastic style! If I win, I might just use your portrait for my upcoming book, out later this year :)

good luck!

Me encantan tus diseños. Bendiciones en esas manos. Me gustaria entrarle.

thanks, good luck!

I love your style. I’m happy to have stumbled upon you. You’ve gained a new follower. What a great contest.


thank you :)

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excellent opportunity, to get a portrait, here is my participation, greetings friend.


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