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RE: Iglu-Dorf snow hotel virtual tour - snow sculpture

in #artlast year

Whoa that was freaking epic. My youngest child deafened me with his exclamations and pleas to go there. Even if we had the money I don't think I would last long in the temperature XD

I looked in every single room. So impressive O_O Ithink my favourite was the boat one but I'm not sure, everything was so pretty!


I knew you and the children would enjoy this. The cold is never much of a problem for me, With the right clothes and the fact that the air is so dry make it feel warmer than Ireland at the moment. I may also have to do with the fact
it is such a physical job.
The boat room was made by Martijn. He really does great work.

Yeh I doubt you would have felt it much while working :)

Low temperatures just don't work for my shoulder/neck regardless of what it's wrapped in XD