My daily art. Caturday coming!

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And here again came the Сaturday!

For this Caturday day, I chose a very special cat.
Since in recent days cats have been prevailing in my ribbon, I decided to slightly diversify the choice of these cuties, and today's cat is unusual.

тигр большой.jpg
The most graceful in movements, powerful in impulses, precise in movement and decisive in critical moments, ideal in its perfection and attentive to trifles.
Let today be the same for you, tiger and beautiful!!!

And of course, as usual, the process of creating art work))
For this sketch, I used my favorite Polychromos colored pencils.










I really liked your technique. It's very realistic. Have you tried doing it with coloured chalk? It must look great on you too.

do you mean soft pastels? I do not really like dusty materials for drawing :) For me the colour pencils is the best from all kind of dry materials. Or painting ;)

Yeah, well you're right they're very dusty, but you've got a good effect, I thought it was chalk or watercolours. I liked it very much, I wish I could draw like that.

This is Polychromos. The professional series of colored pencils. They have excellent pigmentation, a dense coating and you can apply several layers.

Love pastels and coloured pencils on black backgrounds, always looks so striking! And worked out particularly well for the tiger :)

My friend:) Happy to see you here!

Just a few pencil strokes and lines...You'd think anyone could do it...But then there's me...With the artistic ability of a monkey. Lol.

Great piece here, curated for @curangel.

thank you for stopping and support!

No worries mate.

you draw very beautifully!

Thank you!

Wow... beautiful drawing. I like how the process shows that there are layers... I would never have guessed that from the final picture!

Thank you! I am pleased that you liked!

Wonderful painting and great to see the progress shots

Thank you! I am pleased that you liked!


A beautiful artwork here my friend.

thank you!

My pleasure!

This is like a big cat of course 😃 well done ! 😻

Thank you, dear!

The tiger is a beautiful creature and your rendition with the colored pencil captured its grace. There are so many big cats out there and it would be great if you could also work on some more. Have a great week!

thanks! I’m already thinking of making a whole series of different cats and cats from the smallest to the bigest