Undiscovered Gems on NFT Showroom / Edition #8

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The age of art does not determine it's value, here are some hidden gems that were minted long ago that deserve another look <3


Creator: @barbarabezina

Total Edition(s): 5

Digital art / Photomanipulation 2592 x 3872 px - PNG file - 15.2 MB

The Kiss

Creator: @alejandra.her

Total Edition(s): 5

This is the wisdom, the spirit and the power of transformation. 3300x2400 px 4.4 Mb


Creator: @olamideagunbiade

Total Edition(s): 6

A20 x 24 inches Many get violated daily, they are made to do things they do not want to do. I made this art to create an awareness about this.

Don't Wake the Sleeping Giant

Creator: @deeanndmathews

Total Edition(s): 5

The quiescent guardian of a lost civilization's treasure sleeps after 17 centuries on guard -- but woe be to the one who wakes him (although you can collect him without fear)!

By Sweat Alone

Creator: @kaliyuga

Total Edition(s): 3

Digital Collage and Data Destruction

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Thank you for the mention here, @nftshowroom (and @isaria, because I read the fine print)!

Oh hey, thanks for the shoutout :)

Nice works here! 💗 Thank you!

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