Undiscovered Gems on NFT Showroom // Edition #12

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The age of art does not determine it's value, here are some hidden gems that were minted long ago that deserve another look <3


Creator: @allbi

Total Edition(s): 3

playing with structures and photo's to create a surreal scene.

Mythological Alien

Creator: @brataka

Total Edition(s): 5

Creator and destroyer of planets, an omnipotent power, it is said to have existed since the explosion of the bigbang, on her neck she wears a necklace with the most beautiful planets in the entire universe.


Creator: @daimalyad

Total Edition(s): 1

They never told me it would be like this.

Ánima Sola

Creator: @medussart

Total Edition(s): 3

FULL IMAGE: 2542 x 3285px 300dpi -2.77MB They tell the legend of a pious soul condemned to live in solitude and suffer thirst in the eternal heat of hell.


Creator: @yusaymon

Total Edition(s): 1

Three years ago I entered the free and beautiful portal -/--/ a decadent government of virtual synergy. My self and my nucleus transformed day by day to become a self-made artist. I am different as much as we are all different, even though I see the energy in you. To value this piece of art, humanism can become a part of the growing chain of unexplored endeavors.

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Thanks for digging these up! They're all great!

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