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The HIVE pump has energized me. A few weeks ago, I started a collection of NFT’s for @nftshowroom. The HIVE collection is going to be a series of five pieces focusing on the various role of an actual hive. The Guard, the Nurse, the Undertaker, the Queen and tonight, I’m revealing the Drone. I’m doing so much NFT work with Topps and @eos.detroit, this project has been a chance for me to carve out my own expression for the blockchain that brought me to the dance.

The Drone is the second in this collection of five. The concept was to distribute each NFT respective of roles within an actual hive. There were 50 Guards, a few still available on @nftshowroom. The Drone reflects the most prevalent of the hive, thus this NFT will be available as a free airdrop to anyone with a @hiveio account. Comment below, and I’m happy to add you to the drop list. NFT’s will be minted and sent in a few days.


sieht cool aus :-)

Thanks! jiggy2091

Drone received bro! Feels like Christmas TYSM


I love this artwork!

Nice artwork

Please add me to the list!

Than lets gooo 👍
Until yet i dont understand NFTs really 😅

Love your artwork, so I'm looking forward to seeing the NFTs!

add me to the list, Master. Thnx!

Add me to the list :))

Great Artwork!🔥 Would like to be added to the list!

Great art here to see and somebody also has to explain the workings of NFT to me.
Add me to your list please.

This look brutal! Excellent work.

Awesome. Please add me to the list.

i feel very nft lucky today

Nice airdrop @kommienezuspadt with great picture!

Very cool design. I don't own any NFTs, but I wouldn't object to this being my first

You were on the short list to get one even if I didn’t hear from you, @pfunk! It’ll be an honor to send you your first NFT!

Would love to have one of these😍😍. Please kindly add me to your list.

Art, photography, you have many skills!

Great stuff.

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in this post!

my first art piece

Nice artwork ❤️

Add me to the list:)

Oh 😋👌👌 I like free things ... I hope all are happy here 😋👌👌

I'm in it for the artwork NFT!

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Nice art work but what is NFT because I am just hearing about this one for the first time. is it a token or what?


Cool Artwork! I love your Hive series.

This is so cool! Would be great if I can be added on the list too.
Best regards.

Wow @kommienezuspadt, this is insanely cool artwork. I am very keen to see the others in the collection!


I have retweeted under my Twitter @Andrastia1


ferkin cool

Awesome. Hopefully I didn’t comment too late.


Admittedly I've been slow getting into the whole NFT craze but free is a great way to start!

Very cool! I look forward to getting some more @kommienezuspadt art in one of my accounts! This turned out really awesome!

HERE! Thanks for this nice present :D

Please add me to the list! :)

Interesting, you can add me to the list. It's nice to get some NFT airdrops 👍😎🤑

What an incredible artwork.

I'll take some free art man!

These look really cool

Excelente. This is My account 😍🌹

Looking forward to it if i'm still eligible!

Excellent artwork!

Great work!

I like your artwork my friend.

Great idea and impressive artwork!

Nice one buddy. I would love to have some too.
Add me to the list.

Have a reblog

Nice to work. amazing.

Why not? A !WINE for you

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Who can explain wat NFT is and how can i use it, what can i do with it!?

This Art is pretty awesome

Holy Cow @kommienezuspadt
I am So Looking Forward to Getting One of Your NFT's and Your Art Work is Killer !!!!

WOOT! I want a drone!

I'd also like to be added to the list! This seems like a cool idea, and I love the sketchy art style!

Very nice. I'm in.

Cool! I look forward to your free airdrop!

Very good tbh

That's freaking Cooool! I would love to have a Drone! 🖤

I would like to have one :)))

nice style ! :)

Thank you. Please add me to the list.

I want a piece of that!
Can I be part of the giveaway?

Very cool! I just joined the showroom myself. Ready to start my collection!

Oh wow! I love the art! 👍💪

This is really a great artwork

Lovely art work


Awesome art

Superb art

Amazing art

Nice art

Excellent art

You're doing a great job with your art. Well done!

Oh I love the concept. Was expecting bees but this is better.

This is cool and it would be massive

Add me to the list, I love the art work.

This is quite amazing, I'll surely love to have one of this !

awesome! :)

Nice artwork! Kindly add me to the list.

Really impresive! Like the concept art ♥

I love the art. Welll done!

Awesome, please add me to the list.

Why not à cool serie NFT🤞

This looks like fun! Please add me to the drop, if still in process. Thanks!


Delicious!!! Totally awesome brother!

awesome, thanks! count me in 8)

Wow @kommienezuspadt, you make really great art. I've just began feasting on your works. A lot of respect from here.
Plus, add me to your drop list!

An I too late!??? Hope not!! (^_^)

I'm down if still available. I need to get one of these new fangled NFTs all the kids have been iphoning about.

Awesome work, very cool 😎🙌

How does this work? Does it show up in collections ? Does it show the original artist and do you still get royalties from it? I want to try an airdrop. Are there any blog on this I can read?

I would like one. kwame89 is my hive username

Can sell photos

This is pretty damn sweet!.. if I say so myself :)

awesome concept!!! are you still airdropping nft's?

 2 years ago 

Awesome ❤️