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RE: Skull artwork finished

in #art2 years ago

Thank you for this post! I like to see the process/progress. Do you have a title for it? I think it has to do with life and the challenges (fishes, arms, snakes grapping) for us. The skull is the end of the story, above there is the living adult (working for life) and on top there is the child, who don't know what is going on, but it is not free, too.
Hehe - that is the story for me.... Greetings from Germany Kadna


Hi @kadna! I'm still working on the title. I really appreciate your story, I love it when see their own story as you can always see a lot in my art from different perspectives :)

Thank you very much !

You're welcome! I like to fin "ideas" in an artwork ;-) Have a nice weekend!