Iglu-Dorf snow hotel virtual tour - snow sculpture

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Thanks to all those who followed my Vlog as I created the igloo hotel in Davos. Today I have something special for you to make up for all the bad camera work and lack of good photos. This is a virtual tour of the hotel that the organisers put together. It will allow you to view each room Martijn and myself made and get an idea of the true scale of what we had to do.

I was very disapointed that I had no time at the end to capture any images of the work I did as I had to rush to catch my plane and so this is a God send. Since our work will melt away in April it is great to have it documented in some way and this is a great way. I still hope to get some images from Martijn but with this tour I am able to walk around and use my own virtual camera to make my own.

I have always been looking for a way to capture my work that will give the viewer a better idea of what it is like to be there with me but photos really can't convey the space and atmosphere as I would like. This technology which is a big collection of 360° photos stitched together a bit like Google street view were used to create the tour . They also seem to use photogrammetry to pull a 3d map from the images which I also think is pretty cool. This gives you a view which I love as it makes everything seem like a little model.

I was unable to see the project truly finished because I left early to be home before Santa arrived for my son, . Martijn stayed on for another two weeks and finished some more rooms and other elements which brought everything together. Seeing the sleeping bags and final lighting makes the rooms much more cosy and livable in. I am really quite proud how the whole team brought it together.
It is still funny for me to think that this whole thing is made of water and will be gone so soon and now I am excited about getting back there next year to do it all again.
I hope the guests enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Here is the link to check it out https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=JbpBgU375s1&ts=1 I normally don't like posting links but trust me this is worth it. You can also find it on Iglu-dorfs website at https://www.iglu-dorf.com/en/standorte/davos


Very surprising Thank you for doing that virtual tour. I imagine spending a day in that hotel all cold an icy, impressive feeling that builds a true work of art every year, beautiful photos, good design, congratulations, greetings and your vote curie

What an incredible feat to have created this! I think it would make a lovely spot for a wedding/honeymoon--the quiet and white of snow!

Wow, that is a truly epic complex you have created! I can't even begin to imagine the work that went into planning and implementing your designs for this project. Planning on how to make it architecturally sound alone is very impressive. Your work is also very beautifully designed. I really enjoyed the virtual tour and the ability to check out the 3D map. Awesome work! :)

Thank you so much. The igloos themselves are made by covering Balloons in snow, letting it set and then removing the balloon. There is a team who do that on the project. My work is luckily to just work with my friend to make all the artwork.
It surprises me still how strong the snow is when you make the structure like domes. Although there is some shrinking over the season they can last until the spring.
To be honest we make up most of the designs as we go along and for me that is what makes it so fun to do. Thanks for the comment.

I so enjoyed getting to see this, you are so talented my friend
curated for creativecoin

Whoa that was freaking epic. My youngest child deafened me with his exclamations and pleas to go there. Even if we had the money I don't think I would last long in the temperature XD

I looked in every single room. So impressive O_O Ithink my favourite was the boat one but I'm not sure, everything was so pretty!

I knew you and the children would enjoy this. The cold is never much of a problem for me, With the right clothes and the fact that the air is so dry make it feel warmer than Ireland at the moment. I may also have to do with the fact
it is such a physical job.
The boat room was made by Martijn. He really does great work.

Yeh I doubt you would have felt it much while working :)

Low temperatures just don't work for my shoulder/neck regardless of what it's wrapped in XD

The view is amazing and as the ice melts it will disappear! I can't be in a place like this because it's too cold for me, even wearing good coats. The pictures are very good. Greetings @ammonite

Thanks @marcybetancourt. Inside it usually hovers around -2 degrees even if outside it is -14. The snow is a great insulator and it is a very dry cold so really doesn't feel too bad. I am feeling much colder back home in Ireland where the temperature is around 6 degrees at the moment.
It is funny to think of all the energy we put into this only for it to disappear but I kind of like that.

If I am at 7 degrees I feel that I am in a freezer! But when I read you I think about the great illusion and the great enthusiasm that this place was doing. No matter that it disappears ... for you it is an achievement and it made you very happy. That's the important thing!

Beautiful! I've always dreamed of sleeping in an igloo, even if it's only for 5 minutes to know how it feels to sleep under 0. Everything is beautiful unfortunately the structure melts. I congratulate you on your design skills and your curie vote. Greetings

Quite incredible...hard to believe it all melts away. I was wondering if it feels a bit like Sisyphus and his rock when you go back next year and start it all over again.
The hot tub and sauna are a bit of a surprise!

Hi Deirdy, Hope the new year is going well so far. It is nice when my work melts away as it keeps me busy with the next project. This one can be very though and more like an impossible mission before we start. Breaking it down day by day and simplifying as we run out of time is usually our approach. I like to go back each year to a clean canvas and wonder has any of the snow/water been carved by me before.

hey dear @ammonite, this is amazing !! all the precision and passion you put into building this ice hotel is truly extraordinary !! I saw that there is also a romantic suite with an Italian landscape, in the beautiful region of Tuscany !! really a lot of congratulations to you and your whole team

Cheers @road2horizon. Martijn and I are only two out of a team of around ten that build the hotel each year. We make the decor while the other guys build the igloos and do all the other construction. With each year it gets more ambitious and is really fun to see what we can do with just around one day in each room.
Martijn made the landscape room. He is an amazing artist from Holland.

it's really extraordinary! but how does it work that every year you have to do it again? is it like a construction company ??


Wow - truly amazing. What a project to be part of! I have always been fascinated by this - great to see a Steemian involved!

Thank you @riverflow. It is great to be involved in this project and a nice way to end the year. Working with a material made from water is really quite magical.

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