Sometimes...24 hours in a day is just not enough...I rarely have time to do my thing ...

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... on Steem lately, which is blogging and sharing my thoughts. That’s when real life gets in the way. When one is trying to catch up with a day job, another 4 hours shift at the cafe...taking care of 4 beasts (these are my pits) having a super demanding gf...well, yeah...there is so little time left for blogging...But you know the a STEEM addict that respects themselves I do find some time to curate and make this post some will call it a shitpost just because I felt the need to say Hi! But hey, after the rain there is always a beautiful rainbow and opportunities pop up when you least expect it. So no complaints here...Quite the opposite actually... So how was your day guys?


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Actually it is the same for me...Really difficult to find time and create something more elaborated.

We are on the same boat mate...

From one Steem / Appics Addict to another, I Feel Your Pain my friend, another reason I love Appics so much when I dont have time to do long posts, but also like to stay active in the community!!

And I thought that I was the only one...


Hell yah man! I have the EXACT same situation ant it is posing steem challenges. I do the worse thing and generally not post at all on a day that has been too much. I am not the big celebrity you are who have piles of people happy to just say hi and catch up in a simple manor.

I told @overkillcoin this and I will tell you. We will be here no matter how busy you get and be happy to see you when life gives you the opportunity to transact on the blockchain. I should follow my own advice I suppose.

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Celebrity? Lol Flattered but not even close mate...

Struggling lately but I think I can handle it. Ain’t leaving this place no matter what. We are bound to be here till the end of times

For me, 24 hours a day is simply not enough, too. The whole rhythm of the day shifts because there was too little time. I hope I can rewind it all. Hopefully you'll make it, and hopefully the hard times will change for you :).